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This sequel, on the other hand, is a very playable and downright fun cinematic action experience, one that improves greatly upon the prequel while enhancing it in numerous ways.
Unlike in the previous game, the Predator in Aliens versus Predator 2 recharges its energy supply using a personal item.
The player can also use a form of echolocation in dark areas and can detect pheromones to hey mickey you so fine discern human or Predator enemies.
The campaign is pretty good, you can probably complete the entire 3 parts of the game.
As expected, things go terribly wrong when an infestation goes out of control and leaves the ill-fated inhabitants nearly defenseless.This game delivers three outstanding single player campaigns and provides battle for survival 3 species: Alien, Predator and Human Colonial Marines.Monday, July 28, 2014, aliens vs Predator 2 isnt revolutionary, but its damn fun.As far as the campaign goes, the Aliens has to be one of the most creative, letting you take control as a newly hatched facehugger in search of an unwary victim, then later involving you in the chest-bursting process itself before you pupate into.To get some sense of the full picture, youll have to play through every campaign in part, and in a certain particular order.Tags: Free Download Aliens vs Predator 2 Full PC Game Review.

Alien vs Predator is still a fun game with an actually enjoyable story mode that can be replayed.
However, the Alien has no weapons and must use its claws, tail, and jaws to attack enemies.
As the Alien you can climb walls with lightning speed or plunge at a distant target with easy, but youre completely limited to melee attacks.Download Aliens vs Predator 2010 pc games latest full version setup.Monolith took special note to make this sequel more accessible, and as such offered a permanent savegame feature (disabled on the highest difficulty level thus fixing a key aggravation present in the first game.Youll have a chance to play as any one of these three distinct races, in any order, as part of the games twenty-one mission singleplayer portion.In the game, you can play as Predator, Alien and Human, you can also be choose another type of an alien which is predator of course.