amnesia custom story editor

Located: m, then, click and expand the "hpl2" folder.
AltLeft click: Rotate around a certain point.
Height, adjust the height of the level you're working with.I'm hackless project m 3.6 not saying you aren't creative at all, I'm saying you may have a really hard time going through the process of creating a story.Feel free to prove me wrong, but don't put yourself into a dead end!click on the Windows HPL Editor Suite.First, you're going to go to the wiki for frictional games.Hello, my name is Asaratha, and this is my first tutorial on the HPL2 Engine, and how to begin using.AltRight Mouse Button: Zoom in and out (also scroll wheel).First, go to 'Static Objects click the drop-down area on the top right, and click mansion base.After a bit of loading, scroll down until you find the "wall" category, and select "Default02".User Rating, description: Amnesia: The Dark Descent Editor Suite.AltMiddle Mouse Button: Move freely until let.

Static Objects, objects, such as walls, and other things.
Areas, such as PlayerSpawn, Script, and Water.
On the left hand side, click "Static Objects and then "Mansionbase.
The first thing I want to cover, is how to get the mod tools.File Info: Amnesia: The Dark Descent Editor Suite.Primitives, primitives, for floors and such.You might want to forego trying to create a custom story.Billboards, adds effects to spice up your level.The Cursor, is a simple cursor that selects objects.Click "Primitives and next to "Material" on the right hand side, click the "." button.