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The log-linear models can be thought of to be on a continuum with the two extremes being the simplest model and the saturated model.
Typically this test is performed after the algorithm has converged on a solution.
Arnold Schick's macro collection A set of SAS macros for a variety of statistical and graphics operations on data sets.
For more information about the relationship between LCA, LTA, discrete latent trait models and LDA, see Uebersax (1997).Back to Contents What is constrained LCA?Stat 438 Course by J Robison-Cox, using Cleveland's Visualizing Data, and extensive Splus notes, code CS450/550: Introduction to Computer Graphics Online computer graphics course using IBM's DX Statistical Graphics in Screen Design Stat 841: Computational Exploration of Data Courses at U Waterloo by Hugh Chipman.The precise rationale for this comparison is unclear.Vitalnet A health data anaysis system.

The data above are in this form.
Another more-or-less distinctly medical LCA application is evaluation of diagnostic tests in the absence of a "gold standard." For example, if one has several tests for detecting presence/absence of a disease, but no comparison "gold standard" that indicates disease status with certainty, LCA can.
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Case Studies in Data Analysis jasa dataset archive Data sets related to articles published in jasa.Scaling log-linear analysis to high-dimensional data (PDF).Whereas many computer languages bega n as tools for specifying machine instructions in a system- independent way, APL was designed as a powerful, mathematically-inspired executable notation unhindered by many of the inconvenient, limiting aspects of computer hardware.' (from Jim Weigang's page ) Back to Contents.Exploratory Factor Analysis: A book manuscript by Ledyard A book on exploratory factor analysis, in pdf and ps format.Biometrika, 1974, 61, 215-231.Unixhelp for users Offers a large collection of helpful information for unix users, extensively hyperlinked Introduction to Unix An interactive Unix introduction, using Hamlet.Statistical Computing Resources on the Internet.Hierarchical model edit Log-linear analysis models can be hierarchical or nonhierarchical.However, relative to this continuum are two or more separate distributions of cases-corresponding skyrim steam product key generator to different latent classes.