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The new vigilante is identified as a man whose wife was killed in a bodega robbery in the Glades district.
My vote is for Rene, since Dinah was specifically brought on as the new Laurel, but the show, apparently, disagrees.
Z Follow us game alien shooter 2 conscription portable on Facebook Please, enter data Report.After pinning the murder of his wife on Green Arrow, Chase is about to go into protective custody with the Star City Police Department.See more ยป"s Felicity Smoak : Nothing.And as she is about to leave she says she "should be back in a flash." This is a nod to another long-running DC superhero The Flash who is based in the fictional Central City.If you do not find your desired show or movie, email us and we will find it for you!Its worth mentioning what a terrific chess board the show has laid out for itself right now.

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It turns out that Curtis, in his most character-defining moment to date, planted a tracker on Felicity and hacked into what she and Helix were doing - he hacked the hackers, as he put.
After Adrian Chase, also known as Prometheus, captured Green Arrow and got him to confess to being nothing more than a murderous animal, the hero thought things were over.Keep2Share and and m to, register or, renew your account to support.Edit, storyline, after a major fire, Oliver decides it's time to eliminate real estate developer and slumlord John Nicol, another person on his father's list.Its not a terrible plan if you actually are the mayor of a city, but this is Oliver freaking Queen.Sure hes a proprietor of drugs, but hes also saving children from dying and giving down-and-out thugs some spending money.This poses a small problem, structurally, because it paints despicable guy book 2 pdf Anatoly as the bad guy.Those who dont remember should note that Diggle has been around since the beginning of Olivers return to Star(ling) City.Cast: Stephen Amell, David Ramsey, Willa Holland, Paul Blackthorne, Emily Bett Rickards, Katie Cassidy, John Barrowman, Colton Haynes.The episode ended on a chilling note as the already-established psychopath killed calmly drove back to, presumably, wreak havoc on Star City.The crux of this episode dealt with John Diggle trying desperately to repair his broken friend.