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The US Department of Justice is conducting a separate probe into Gray's death.
Baltimore mayor lifts curfew 6 days after riots.
Scenes Of Chaos In Baltimore As Thousands Protest Freddie Grays Death!Anyone with information is urged to call the ATF hotline, 1-888-ATF-fire ( ).Demonstrators Take to DC Streets, Support Baltimore Protest.A federal mandate needs to be brought down.Selden and Matthew.Federal prosecutors previously have charged four other defendants for arson crimes committed during the Baltimore riots on April 27, 2015.Six Baltimore police officers charged in Freddie Gray's death.As a result, the efforts to put out the fire at the CVS were impeded and delayed.There is no reason the police had to conduct themselves in a manner to whereit cost him his life Ealey said.Once the hose was attached to the hydrant and the water was flowing into the hose, Butler admitted that he punctured the hose twice using a knife.

Caught ON video - Baltimore "bomb" Explosion Riots Looting Clash Tears Gas Freddie Gray state of emergency Baltimore Uprising Baltimore protester Joseph Kent kidnapped by police on live TV Chicago, Ferguson, Detroit, DC, and LA are ALL out tonight in solidarity.
Cars Get Smashed 4/25/2015!
Demonstrators have flooded the streets of Baltimore almost every day since Gray's death, although Saturday's rally was the largest.
Fire fighter attempts to put out a building that was set on fire during riots in Baltimore, USA on April 27, 2015.Gray died on Sunday after sustaining multiple injuries which included three fractures in his neck vertebrae, a smashed voicebox and the severing of 80 per cent of his spine from his neck.Baltimore Riot Update: Gregory Butler, aka Gre Baly, Ordered to Pay 1 Million in Restitution for Obstructing Firefighters Efforts to Fight CVS Fire During Baltimore Riots.Rosenstein thanked Assistant United States Attorneys Philip.Darius Raymond Stewart five years in prison for arson to occupied store in Balt riots 080616.Darius Raymond Stewart, age 22, of Baltimore, pleaded guilty to malicious destruction of property by fire, arising from the arson of a liquor store and was sentenced to five years in federal prison.Kept It Real: Dude Goes In On How The Media The System Are Portraying The Baltimore Protests!