basic computer knowledge books

CPU consists 101 great science experiments pdf of Arithmetic Logic Unit (ALU) and Control Unit (CU).
Alttab :- To open the active window page.
The hardware consists of physical devices of the computer.
Arrange All :- To arrange all document for showing at a time for work- ing.TO calculate number OF days between TWO dates.Ctrld :- To open the font option.To enter into the Paint program start clickALL programclickaccessoriesclick paint.

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Transition sound speed :- To setup sound speed for sliding page.
Netbook These are smaller notebooks optimized for low weight and low cost, and are de- signed for accessing web-based applications.
Watch Windows :- To Show details of Cell formulas by added user.
Bring, Send Selection object :- To bring in front, send to back select object.Background :- To apply a page background color picture.TO change content OF file:- C - edit file name AND press enter.Step 2:- select cell A3 under category AND click-data-data validation- category item-OK-creat drop down list under category.The input data can be characters, word, text, sound, images, document, etc.(Floppy Disk Drive ii).D.D.