check dll version windows 7

Note that the real code fits in a single line (lines 17-18, I just split it out for readability).
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Here is the execution sample: C: powershell -ExecutionPolicy bypass -File C:1 "C:Program FilesJavajre7binjava.
Compiles to an 8k binary using the dll CRT, 60k with everything linked statically (set in the C options, change "Code Generation page, Runtime options".
If you don't want to use Visual Studio, it'll still compile using any c compiler (fingers crossed but you'll almost certainly have to change the #pragma - just specify that lib in the linker settings instead, the pragma's just a shorthand to automatically link with.# Name: 1 # Description: Prints out DLL version # Usage: 1 path to DLL # Author: Anton Khitrenovich, Jan 2014 param( stringDLL ) if (!(Test-Path DLL) throw "File '0' does not exist" -f DLL try version Get-ChildItem DLL Select-Object -ExpandProperty VersionInfo Select-Object FileVersion Select-Object.Right-Click on the one you want to check and select properties.If there's no version resource it'll return -1, otherwise.Or you can build one yourself.Tags, gURU-Tip, how To, step-By-Step, windows 7, windows Server 2008.Super User is a question and answer site for computer enthusiasts and power users.Here is the script that does it for you.Other 20 lines are dedicated to script header, input validation and exception handling.

Create a simple project with no ATL or MFC support, leave the stdafx option checked but do not check 'empty project' and call it VersionInfo.
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Checking DLL version in PowerShell is extremely easy.
This will bring up a folder that shows a list of installed components. .
Open VS, create a new console application.REG query Your Answer draft saved draft discarded, sign up or log in, sign up using Google, sign up using Facebook.Dan Stolts ITProGuru, december 26, 2011 2, to look at what is on the machine click.Windows Server 2008.This is usually a four-part dotted version number.x.x.x.I'm not looking for the Windows version, but the version numbers that you see by right-clicking on a DLL file, selecting "Properties then looking at the "Details" tab.I need to get the product version and file version for a DLL or EXE file using Win32 native APIs in C.