cibse guide f 2012

The next two emc sourceone offline access client revisions of Part L will push for further improvements in energy efficiency to progress towards the Governments aspiration for all new buildings to be zero carbon by 2019.
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This 2012 edition of cibse Guide F includes a new section on developing an energy strategy.Energy management has moved up the corporate agenda, aided by the work of the Carbon Trust and the implementation of the CRC Energy Efficiency Scheme.(1 report a broken link).Part B of this Guide (covering the operation of the building) has been updated to include more information about carbon management, and the need for improved metering and monitoring.Part C: Benchmarks: Energy benchmarks.Since the last edition of cibse Guide F, published in 2004, the UK Government has set a legally binding target to reduce national greenhouse gas emissions.Part B: Operating and upgrading the building Why buildings fail on energy: Managing the building; Acquisition and refurbishment; Maintenance and energy efficiency; Energy audits and surveys; Benchmarking, monitoring and targeting (M T and.Contents include: Part A Designing the building energy design checklist: The design process; Developing a design strategy; Developing an energy strategy; Concept design; Control strategies; Ventilation and air conditioning design; Refrigeration design; Lighting design; Heating and hot water design; Motors and building transportation systems; Electrical.There have also been significant regulatory changes over the last decade, including two revisions to Part L of the Building Regulations and the transposition of the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive into UK legislation.

This reflects the changes to planning policy, which now include targets for reducing carbon dioxide emissions from new developments and the need to submit a detailed energy strategy report as part of the planning application.
In addition, the section on energy efficient refurbishment has been expanded in recognition of the pressing need to upgrade the existing building stock and the opportunities to improve performance.
The Governments latest Carbon Plan sets out specific targets for improving the energy efficiency in new and existing buildings.
Since the last edition.
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