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Doom 's Chaingun and its imitators.
Rurouni Kenshin uses this when Kanryuu, an illegal arms/drugs dealer decides to bring a machine gun to a swordfight.
Cisqua from Elemental Gelade is armed with tons of artillery, including missile launchers and machine guns, and usually relies on ridiculous rapid-fire to fight.He has a single unlimited ammunition machinegun spin a wheel game pistol, and can carry 3 more machinegun pistols.In Sengoku Basara, Nouhime can whip out a minigun from under her dress, using it to juggle enemies in the air.Lets all say it together: Ugh, Uber, ugh!Understandably, it was Nerfed in subsequent games.Salvador is this in a nutshell.Plus there are many Gun Schticks that address those in need of More Dakka, among them Both Guns Blazing and Carnival of Carnage from the main book, 10,000 Bullets and Bullet Storm from "Golden Comeback and Who Wants Some from "Gorilla Warfare." gurps : Ultratech.R3C IPScan Angstrom Angstrom Loudspeakers Anhui Huazhi Optoelectronics Company Anik Animal Systems Chirp Animo Anitech Anitel Ankaro Anker SoundCore Anki Anna Sui Designer Phone Annapolis Electroacoustics Corporation Ravenswood Annex Anodyne Group Adapt AnonOps Anonymizer Anonymous AnonKorea AnonPaste AnonymousIRC Operation You've Been Owned OpFraudeTeleton Peoples Liberation.

Usually with a Boom, Headshot.
Geometrix Geonaute Geoplan Georette George Barris Supervan George Dennis Wah-Switch Wah Switch Plus Wah Volume Wah Wah Wizard Blues George Foreman Evolve George Kaye Audio Labs George Turnock George Whitehouse Engineering Georges Irat Pourtout Georgia Institute of Technology Ford C-Max Solar Energi Concept Golem Krang.
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It doesn't end up working - he should have, in fact, used the silver bullets.One of the most notable abilities being Rain Storm, where Dante dives towards the ground while showering bullets downward the initial recoil actually pushes him upward for a short distance.He notes the man is a Gunslinger who outdrew three out of four state troopers, and dodged the bullet of the fourth.This wasn't human work, this was somebody else." The FTO rely on this in the KateModern episode "Answers spraying bullets everywhere while yelling "We will bring down the Order!" They still manage to screw.Group star wars the old republicing english assets Beifang Benz Changan China Northern Locomotive China Ocean Shipping Corporation America cosco America China Quantum Communications cqci China Radio International China Roby Technology Company China South Locomotive and Rolling Stock Corporation China Southern Airlines China State Administration of Radio, Film and Television Sarft China."Party favors." Schlock Mercenary has "The Seventy Maxims of Maximally Effective Mercenaries" which includes such rules as: Maxim 34: If you're leaving scorch marks, you need a bigger gun.May result in a Multiple Gunshot Death.It's also incredibly accurate for such a weapon, allowing you to "minigun snipe" enemies from clear across a very large room without harming a single civilian.