developer console safari ipad

Instead, you have to connect it to your computer and then open Web Inspector through the desktop Safari program.
Settings Safari Developer Debug Console.
However, it can be activated in just a few short steps.
If you're on Windows, try the method described in this Stack Overflow post.Find every resource of a webpage, including documents, images, scripts, stylesheets, XHRs, and more.Find details about the data stored by a webpage green bay packers scoring leaders such as application cache, cookies, databases, indexed databases, local storage, and session storage.You can also see logs, errors, and warnings emitted from a webpage, so you can identify issues fast and resolve them right away.Use the debugger to help you find the cause of any JavaScript errors on your webpage.

Chrome 32 for the desktop now has mobile device emulation, which is useful for debugging things via the console, such as touch events that don't necessarily exist on the desktop).
I'm not sure if this will do what you want (you probably want to see some code but Mobile Safari has some dev-ish tools.
The switch to enable them is found under Settings Safari.The very first step is to tap the.Safari for Developers, tools.Responsive Design Mode, safari has a powerful new interface for designing responsive web experiences.Whenever CSS, html, and JavaScript errors are detected, details of each are displayed in the debugger.See a detailed list of all network requests made to load every webpage resource, so you can quickly evaluate the response, status, timing, and more.01 of 04, open the Settings App (Photo Scott Orgera).You can drag the edges of any window to resize.Prior to iOS 6, the iPhone's Safari web browser had a built-in Debug Console that could be used by developers to track down web page defects.