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The easiest way to obtain this weapon is to make your way to the 3rd floor and find (beside the pile of rubble the.O.S.
Proceed with the mission and talk to Fantastic and Ignacio Rivas.
Consuming an atomic cocktail and/or a Fire ant refrigeration and air conditioning stoecker and jones pdf nectar should help you to withstand the flames, although keep in mind any followers may be momentarily knocked unconscious, or even killed if you're playing on Hardcore mode.Spore carriers blend in with the vegetation and will not show up as enemies on your compass until you disturb them.When you return to Oxygen Recycling she will be found non-hostile in her correct place so the quest can be finished.She will give you a quest in which you have to collect the debt of 3 people throughout Freeside.His first order as Overseer was to move out of Zion Canyon.Now, travel far away, wait for three in-game days and return to the area to find the Gun Runners have respawned and are ripe for the "harvest.".DO NOT kill her until you finish the " ED-E my Love" and "Come Fly with Me" quests, otherwise you will fail the quests.Vault 22 is also involved in the side quests Still in the Dark, which is given by Elder McNamara in the Hidden Valley bunker, Bleed Me Dry, which can be obtained by speaking to Red Lucy at The Thorn, and I Could Make You Care.Capital Wasteland Fallout.Most of the inhabitants were Mormons.

50 Find the vents Keely is pumping gas through and somehow ignite the gas.
(You'll see what I mean) Make sure he is on or very near your.
If you have the Wild Wasteland trait from the beginning of the game on, it will be located in Jimmy's Well, which is just outside of Fields Shack.
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You can do this with any of the items on the counter and there is a hiding spot on the back side of the room.The vault is open, but warning signs left outside the vault by people lucky enough to survive their initial encounter with the vault's inhabitants warn that "the plants kill" and one should not venture inside.Vault City is the result.Items will be invisible and only the item identification will be shown when you scroll over where the object should.Drop it next to a standing NPC that isn't leaning against a wall, doing push ups, or sitting on ground or in a chair.Verified pc The gas may not ignite or only ignite the space surrounding the collapsed door, preventing the quest from progressing.