ffx iso for pcsx2

I placed diskcryptor vs truecrypt 2013 this in the bios folder.
If you know the best emulator for this game, please suggest an emulator above to help out other users.
My aspect ratio is at standard and window size is 640x480.
And after reading thru several threads, I'm having the sound issue as sometimes the background music gets dragged and sometimes speed up in certain areas.And a total play time of 743.23 it was probably not worth it to take so long, Afterall I restarted 31 times as well just to figure out how to complete the entire sphier grid!Here's how you can play any PS2 game on your PC!The story is basic when it's good, horrible when it's not, the characters are unloveable, and the only thing it has going for it is the gameplay, in which you can get better gameplay, in other games, with a better story.

The main character is Tidus.
If you want to play some games without the worry of too many crashes then grab the latest stable version.
For example you might need to use Auron for enemies that have high defense, or Tidus for enemies that are quick.
Xenogears pSX Xenogears Disc1of2 U, pSX Xenogears Disc2of2.
It seemd to pick up pase when advancing but you must also take your time to find out where all and every items are!And if that wasn't bad enough, the game decides to punish you by having the most annoying, pathetic child, and i use that term to be polite, as your main character.Thanks for your help.You can use an app called Gamepad Companion (7.99) to configure a range of PC only gamepads that work great with emulators like this, though be sure to configure them from this menu before playing.ISOs sony Playstation 2 f ยป Final Fantasy X (Europe, Australia).Image credit: pcsx2 Icon Your WhatsApp Isnt Secure!We wont be telling you how to do this or pointing to any bios files, we dont condone or support piracy here at MakeUseOf.As for the game itself i went to mininova.Included here are my comp specs and the settings for my pcsx2.