firefox add-ons manager doesn't load

Plugins, however, can not be updated automatically!
Note: The "ugin" file is located in the /Library/Internet Plug-ins folder (Macintosh HD/Users/ user account /Library/Internet Plug-Ins) instead of in the more typical root directory /Library/Internet Plug-ins folder, where other Internet plugins are installed.
37 Update Norton 360 to the latest version.
In the Firefox menu, click on "Downloads" (or "Tools - Downloads and click "Clear List" to clear the Download History.This application installs a shell extension for File I/O and this shell extension hangs Firefox.In mid-2017, user numbers on Windows XP and prospect are reassessed and a final support finish date are proclaimed. .One major change is the integration of a search field that you may use to find preferences quickly.

Firefox crashes find and search for your crash signature III.
Sqlite.) If you use the Sync feature for bookmarks and browsing history, it may also help to deselect these items in Firefox Sync options or to disable Sync completely using the "Deactivate this device" option, before deleting places.
From MozillaZine Knowledge Base, hanging (freezing, not responding) is when a program is running sanskrit like english font but stops responding to user input.
PDF, Flash or DivX.May I suggest switching to another browser, such as Chrome as David reports 6 Reasons Why Firefox Dude May Want to Switch to Chrome 6 Reasons Why Firefox Dude May Want to Switch to Chrome Read More or Opera, which is recommended by Laurence?Try running Firefox in compatibility mode.Issues may occur in Firefox, if you have not updated plugins or software that provides necessary plugins,.g.Disable all extensions Tools - Add-ons - Extensions and restart Firefox.45 Close any remaining dialog boxes or secondary windows such as the Downloads window or the Extensions window.Additional suggestions are given here.To open a new window, you must first close the existing Firefox process, or restart your system., Firefox may have stopped responding the last time you closed.