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Numerical control machine tools * Introduction * What is numerical control * General features; Basic Components; Coordinate Systems and Machine Motions; Absolute and Incremental Positioning * Computerised numerical control; Direct Control; Data Input; call duty modern warfare 2 multiplayer pc NC Tape Codes * Manual programming; Preparing the Program; Program Verification; Machine.
Limits-Fits and tolerances * Types of fit; Clearance Fits; Interference Fits; Transition Fits; Summary * Basis for Fits; Individual Measuring; When the Hole is Produced by a Fixed Tool; When Standard Sized Shafting is Used; Summary * Tolerances; Variations in Size; Inter-changeability of Parts.
Report writing * The memo; Production of Memos * Writing short reports; Report Layout; A Sample Report * Standard forms and work tickets.
A comprehensive index ensures the book is easy to use.Operational planning * Planning machining operations; Importance of Planning; Information Needed; Planning Procedure.Tool and cutter grinding * Tool and cutter grinding machine; Principal Features; Mounting the Wheel; Grinding Square and Parallel Surfaces * Grinding angular surfaces on cutting tools and gauges; Grinding Angular Surfaces; Compound Angles * General information about grinding milled tooth cutters; Grinding Wheel Shapes;.Gear cutting by generating processes * Generating processes; The Rack Cutter Process; Pinion Cutter Process; The Hobbing Process * Types of hobbing machines; The Vertical-type Hobbing Machine; The Horizontal-type Hobbing Machine * Hobbing a spurgear; Selecting, Mounting, and Setting the Hob; Preparing and Mounting the.The planing machine * Construction and operation; Classification; Double Housing Planing Machine * Holding and setting work; Checking the Machine; Holding the Work * Basic planing operations; Planing Horizontal Surfaces; Planing Vertical Surfaces; Planing Horizontal and Vertical Surfaces; Planing an Angular Surface.Economical use of machine tools * Introduction * Action of a cutting tool; Shear Angle * Life of a cutting tool; Tool Failure; Factors Affecting Tool Life * Use of available power web snmp management card wizard * Power requirements for turning operations * Economical machining using high-speed steel.Off-hand grinding * Mounting the wheel * Other wheels.Cutting fluids * Functions; Cooling; Lubricating; Chip Removing; Preventing Corrosion; Additional Properties * Types; Alkaline Solutions; Soluble' Mineral Cutting Oils; Oilless Cutting Fluids; Straight' Cutting Oils * Using cutting fluids; Flow and Temperature; Choosing a Cutting Fluid; Method of Supply; Application; Filtering, Sterilising and Reclaiming;.

Cutting tools * General principles; Orthogonal Cutting; Inclined Cutting * Cutting tool angles: Normal rake; Inclination; Direction of Cutting; Approach Angle and Side Cutting-edge Angle; End Relief Angle; Nose Radius; Clearance Angles * Guide to the selection of lathe tools * Cemented carbide tools; manufacture;.
Centre less grinding * Introduction * Basic types of grinder * Design of the grinder; Grinding-wheel Bearings; Regulating-wheel Bearings; Work rest Blade; Slides and their Feed Devices; Dressing Devices; Balancing the Grinding Wheels; Grinding and Regulating Wheels * Technique of centreless grinding; Through-feed Grinding; In-feed.
The slotting machine * Construction and operation; Classification ; General Purpose Slotting Machine * Basic slotting operations; Holding the Work-piece; Slotting a Parallel Key-way; Slotting a Tapered Keyway; Cutting an Internal Slot; Slotting a Large Internal Cavity; Straight and Circular Slotting.
Principles of marking out work * Purpose of marking out * Types of line; Datum Lines; Centre Lines; Outlines * Tools and equipment * Marking-out procedure; Inspection Before Marking Out; Preparing the Work * Permanent establishment of lines.Toolmaking * Toolroom functions; Factors Affecting the Toolmaker; Duties and Skills of the Toolmaker; Types of Toolmaking * Press toolmaking; Use of Press Tools; Basic Press-working Operations; Types of Die; The Blanking Die; Action of Blanking and Piercing Dies * Die-making for plastics and die-casting;.Fluid power-hydraulics * History * Features of hydraulic systems; Properties of Fluids; Advantages of Hydraulic Power; Problems and Limitations; Units and Formulae * Classes and properties of hydraulic fluids; Classes; Properties * Hydraulic pumps; Types; Displacement; Examples of Pumps * Hydraulic valves; Relief; Unloading; Sequence;.Heat treatment * Metals; Structural Changes in Iron on Heating and Cooling; Ferrous Metals in use today * Tool steels; Schedule of Tool Steel Composition * Heat treatment of steels; Features Determining Successful Heat Treatment * Heat treatment of tool steels; Heating of Austenitize; Quenching.Drills and reamers * Drills; Types; Accessories; Nomenclature; Operation * Reamers; Types; Nomenclature; Tolerances; Operation Of Reamers Sharpening; Storage.Portable power tools * Power tool safety * Power sources; Mains Supply; High-frequency Electricity Supply; Compressed Air * Drills; Attachments * Grinders; The Angle Grinder; Straight Grinder; Die Grinder * Power hammers; Nibblers and shears; Circular saws; Jigsaws; Power wrenches.