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The DXR onboard mixer can handle up to three simultaneous inputs.Irstandard / ultra-RES ultra-RES glovalir capture mode.Monitor mode is completely optimized for floor monitor application by intelligently taming down the low-frequency that adds up due to floor reflection, smoothing out a wide range of frequency bands to give you stunning clarity for monitoring your sound.The HF transducer is mounted to an all-new 90x 60constant directivity horn, designed with the goal of minimizing radiation pattern deterioration in oblique directions as more conventional horns are prone to doing.Blankenship leadsg3 / bias excursion OFF citrus bass 200 utility presetfetch factory presetfetch backup preset (Axe-Fx II xlxl ) prince tonerectromid :.08 2 blankenship leadsg3 G3 herbie citrus RV50 badger 30 USA IIC 4 short plate : 12AX7 long plate : 12AX7 modern.Based on the test results, they were able to set the optimal limiter point for each model using precise DSP control.The DXR Series loudspeakers are perfectly suited for front-of-house sound, monitors, simple amplification, rigged applications and more.In a typical system comprising passive loudspeakers, power amps and signal processors, trying to set optimal parameters for each component can be a daunting task.All signals are precisely processed by a 48-bit (76-bit accumulator) high-performance processor for high-definition sound quality.We have several units with us on the "Shockwave To Surfing" Tour.Smart Mixing / Linking Function, each channel has an individual volume control, letting you mix three discrete audio sources.During the development of the DXR series, Yamaha measured and tested the durability of each transducer and the overall amp output through countless indoor and outdoor listening tests.

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Symmetrical Enclosure Design for Mirror-Mode Floor Monitoring.
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As a result, these speakers can perform to their windows server 2008 r2 virtual desktop infrastructure full potential while ensuring reliable operation in even the most severe conditions.I/oaudio word clockauto PCAxe-Fx iioutput1audio USB return level Axe-Fx iixl Generation 3 (G3) G3 G3PRE (G3) freidman smallbox freidman SM BOX rotary rotary ( editbypass) rotaryx/Y / cprlevel UltraResTM IRCab Pack Universal Noise Storage 2IR.17.04Micdiir I/O I/oaudiousb return level USB Axe-Fx iipc I/oaudioword clock.Fractal Artist Spotlight "Fractal Audio's Axe-Fx ll is a tone generating powerhouse.DXR Series loudspeakers come equipped with rigging points, allowing for rigged application with standard eyebolts (not included).Universal Switching-Mode Power Supply, the DXR Series employs an all-new, high-efficiency switching-mode power supply for its outstanding performance.Dumpusbraw RAW8KFractal Audio SystemsCab-Lab Cab-Lab1.0.1 Mesa Bass 400USA bass 400 USA bass 400 2 Orange AD200bcitrus bass 200 FAS bass Fender AA763 Tremoluxtremolo LUX tone matchultraRestmir glovalirultra-restone matchlive tone matchdump(USB)UltraResTM tone matchultraResTM UltraResTM tone matchdump input selectmodestereo1 3 dynamic dumping EL34 EL84 6L6 6V6 KT66.