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Latin America) sweet coconut Cocain (German.) cocaine Cocaína (Spanish.) cocaine Cocaine a narcotic (alkaloid) extracted from coca leaves Cocaïne (French.) cocaine Cocarde (French.) rosette Cocarde tricolore (French.) a roundel of ribbon to be worn mostly on hats.
The name alludes to Cable News Network, CNN CNN opera from which this extract has been taken C-nøgle (Danish) a clef sign which marks the position of the note C on the staff, for example, the alto clef CNR abbreviation of Centre national de recherche.
It focuses on human morality and right action.
ut majeur (French do mayor (Spanish.) entry corrected by Michael Zapf the scale of 'C major c minor the key of 'C minor do minore (Italian c-moll (German.
The actual shape of the lines of text may create a swan's neck, an altar, a geometric pattern, or a set of wings, which in some direct way connects to the meaning of the words concrétiser (French) to give concrete form to Concubinage (French.).1-2, 1-2, 1-2 although not specifically barred in that way.ISO 639-12ISO 639-233BT22ISO 639-1ISO 639-2ISO 639-2bjis X 0412-2.Comtesse (f.) (German, French) count (m.complaisante (f.) (French) kind, indulgent, compliant, accommodating, servile (pejorative) complectior (Latin) enlarged Complement see 'complementary intervals' Complément (French.) complement, supplement, rest complémentaire (French) complementary, supplementary complementair Interval (Dutch) complementary interval Complementary intervals intervalo complementario (Spanish intervallo complementare (Italian intervalle complémentaire (French Komplementärintervall (German).For instance, the phrases "tall person" and "high mountain" seem to fit together readily without sounding strange.Usually, this pitch will be held alone before the music continues in the new key.Abkhazian abkhaze, abchasisch ace, achinese aceh, aceh-Sprache ach, acoli acoli, acholi-Sprache ada, adangme adangme.Composers also continued the tradition of using cultural, literary, and architectural collages in their compositions instead of only creating collage by cutting and pasting from earlier composers Collana (Italian.) necklace, collection, series (of literary works) Collant (Italian.Codes for the representation of names of languages- Part.Switzerland) hairdressing Coiffeuse (French.) dressing-table Coiffure (German., French.) hairstyle, hat, hairdressing (occupation) (originally also in the sense of head-dress) (German.- Switzerland) hairdressing salon Coiffure bouffante (French.) a hairdressing style in which the hair is made to stand away from.Conche (pl.) (Italian.) large earthware basin, cavity, valley, hollow in the hills, shell, lock-basin in a canal Conca dell'orecchio (Italian.) hollow of the outer ear Conca fessa (Italian.) person of a weak constitution, person with weak health Concaio (Italian.) dealer.

Stops of its particular keyboard piano pedal pushes in all but a few of the softest stops on that particular keyboard Combination tone combination note Combinative chansons a term coined by Maria Rika Maniates for a well-defined genre, which features a forme fixe in the.
Dissonance was used, but was always in the context of consonance, that is, required to resolve the essential time organization was based on simple or compound meters, with 2, 3, or 4 consistent beats per bar (measure) Common practice period see 'common practice era' Commonsense.
intervalle composé (French.
Cognomina downton abbey saison 4 (pl.) (Latin) originally the third name of an Ancient Roman in the Roman naming convention, a nickname, a hereditary name (originally, the family name of a Roman citizen,.e.
Current cochlear implants allow people to listen easily to speech, but not music.Coloniale (f.) (French) colonial colonial (m.Htmlxhtmllang 3 2, a aar aa, afar abk ab, abkhazian ace, achinese ach, acoli ada, adangme ady.Commas (English.) (English, from Greek, literally 'cut 'crack any of several small intervals, many, but not all, near an eighth of a tone (25 cents) the best known of these are: syntonic comma comma of Didymus Ptolemaic comma the difference between four perfect fifths.Pl.) double"tion marks (, ) Cominciante (Italian) a beginner, in music, etc.Componitrice (f.) (Italian) composer of music comporre (Italian) to set (type to compose music Comportement (French.) behaviour, performance comporter (French) to contain, to involve (implicate) composant (m.