gothic 3 patch 1.9

Designed to be jello bingo players remix compatible with as many other mods as possible.
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Our previous changes to reduce the Sheriffs sustained damage in the late game didnt go far enough in this direction so were continuing along the path.
E now only applies to next three attacks, but does significantly more damage.While this multifaceted nature works for some champions, weve detective conan episode 491 subtitle indonesia seen what happens when an assassin gets to be tanky, or when a diver gets to blow people.As they exist today, lethality items are generally on the weak side and arent offering assassins real choice in their builds (just rush Ghostblade every game).When Fioras striking lone Vitals, the movement speed Duelists Dance provides often lets her escape retaliation.All Ranked Flex parties can now include players within one Tier, including Diamond, Master, and Challenger parties.Bugfixnow correctly applies Hunters Talismans health drain.Maiden of the Mists health up late game.Randuins is the item to buy when youre looking to counter crit-focused champions, but even then, its a bit weaker than it ought.The complete changelog is posted here.

In droid x firmware update both cases, Fioras movement speed rewards need to be toned down so opponents have a fair chance to win the game of footsies.
Q cooldown reduced at early levels.
Were also upping Dazzles payoff.
Updated Ancient Coin Line Quest reward now grants movement speed to approaching allies instead of an early skill point.No unsafe changes (such as deletions of stock objects).(Read: she needs an update.).Loose Scripts in DataScripts Check for: x and/or.Newmana restoremoonsilver Blades attack restores mana equal to 15 of Dianas ability power.Weve also taken the lethality items into the shop to ensure theyre offering assassins meaningful, satisfying choices.Plus, with this patchs Thornmail update having less synergy with the Armordillos passive (less armor and less armor scaling on the new Thornmail the Armordillo could use a buff anyway.We want to support his mid-to-late-game split pushing fantasy, so were giving the Maiden more late-game durability and a lower cooldown to increase her uptime.