gta iv lcpdfr 0.95 rc1

Is there a way to fix the rar files mac lion AdvancedHook.
Once I press play, the artwork starts then the black loading screen then it crashes.
Same goes for every other sentence, it just says the first letter of each sentence making the mod unplayable for.The text box in the top left hand corner does not properly display sentences, instead of saying " Welcome to lcpd:FR, to go on duty get to a police station " it simply says the first letter of everything in this case it just says.By using m, you agree to our terms of use.Dll because if I take it out and put the AdvancedHook.

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I know it is caused by AdvancedHook.
PS: I didn't test all the new features, but left 4 dead 2 single player campaign you check them out in the link below.
Dll.4.0 and ScriptHookDotNet.Download lcpdfr.95 RC1 here: mods used: -lcpdfr.95 RC1 -Speedometer mod -In-game trainer -new weapons with my custom sound -some new cars with new siren -Short sleves mod.Dll that came with lcpdfr.91, there are no crashes whatsoever.Thank you in advance.Also I am deeply sorry if I am infringing any forum rules such as not providing the Diagnostics log because I could not download.For example the light between oceans ebook the main problem is exactly like this post, ( ).