hackless project m 3.6

Included in the Download: A preconfigured Dolphin.0-321 build, what is Needed: Super Smash Bros Brawl ntsc ISO (You have to obtain this on your own.
Additionally, if your menu image looks like the image below, then go ahead and play and enjoy Project M!
The Project M Launcher will boot; select Launch Game.Troubleshooting Guide Other Resources: Special Thanks: Pikachu Overlord: Anther Lead Coder: PyotrLuzhin (Please check out his amazing content) Site Moderators: A-Log, Shmo, Tiggum Dolphin Dev Team: JMC47, Aestek, JosJuice, Helios747, mathieui Original Concept by: Rukario, E2xD And All My Lovely Playtesters!Download, you are about to leave the Project M Unofficial Website: The content you are about to download is not hosted by this website (m) and the link was made available by the Project M SubReddit.You signed out in another tab or window.3.6 codesets need testing!For more information and download links, visit the.Example of correct menu image, if you are having any trouble with the installers (i.e.

This will forward to the Customized Gecko OS Launcher where it applies the SD Card Codes.
Thank you all for your help and dedication!
If after you've gone through the guide and you are still having problems, ask for help on our Help and Support forum!
Note: This website does not support piracy, and the officially supported methods all require a legitimate copy of the game.If you are using the Installer, you will prompted to select a package to download.You will see a straploader saying Project.6.Note: The instructions are for the Hackless method.Delete any previous version of Project M from your SD Card and make sure the card itself is not named "Project M" or any derivative thereof.Moved some stuff around.The pmdt recommends you play with the Full Codeset unless you're specifically using WiFi/Replays.Note: The Project M installation includes both music and textures as part of the standard package.Don't assume that because you haven't made any there current affairs 2011 pdf in tamil aren't any; 3 custom stages are included with a new savefile of Brawl.Delete any custom Brawl stage files on your Wii and SD Card!