hana no ko lunlun episode 1

She also invokes this more than once as a part of her plans to get the Flower, transforming her clothes into nice dresses to go to more elegant places.
Innocent Flower Girl : Lunlun is something of an aversion, since she loves flowers and even has magic powers themed around them, but despite her naivete, she's far from being shy, reserved, or frail.
Magical Land : Flowern Star Mama Bear : A literal one in the Norway arc, with two cubbies included.
Single Woman Seeks Good Man : Serge is kind and gentle to Lunlun and gives her a helping hand.
In the Japan OAV, she even dons a kimono!Vain Sorceress : Togenishia, and how!(One even takes place in a desertic area, which can be either Bardenas Reales, Monegros or Tabernas.) In a further subversion, Lunlun had to disguise herself as a bullfighter to save herself and her companions from a bull, instead of meeting/befriending/helping a matador.The Ojou : Elizabeth, the flutist from Episode 4, is the snobby variety.

Lampshaded by Nubo, who tries to help a dispirited Lunlun in the Andorra mini-arc after Togenishia steals her magical pin and mentions how her strong will was what drew him and Cato to her.
Raised by Grandparents : Lunlun lost her parents at an early age ( Mom died in childbirth, Dad perished of an Incurable Cough of Death when she was five so her paternal grandparents raised her.
Sad Clown : Rare Female Example.She also doesn't really like it when parents refuse to meet up vlc media player 0.8.6 with their kids, as seen in the deal windows xp professional x64 system requirements with the sea captain in Germany.Scarpia Ultimatum : Margot from the Germany arc is an Impoverished Patrician, and a filthy rich Dirty jupiter ascending release date dvd australia Old Man tries to force her into this.I.e., when Lunlun needs to climb a mountain, she "asks" the flowers for a climber outfit and once she'a suited up she temporarily adquires the skills of a professional climber.One of them is almost fatal to Lunlun, who has to be brought Back from the Dead.They get better, too: Serge decides to stay on Earth.She can summon powerful winds, but doing so drains her of energy and brings lots of temporary wrinkles to her face.