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Another option is a Gandy box on the baler that dispenses granular alfalfa innoculant; the innoculant prevents mold in hay that is baled with a higher than ideal moisture level.
The game works with iPhone, iPad, Android phones and tablets.
Use diagonal instead of vertical slats.
The quality of hay, particularly the all-important protein content, is determined in large measure by the stage of growth when the grass or legumes are cut.You can pull most hitch rakes with a pickup truck or jeep instead of a tractor, especially game kingdom rush 2 for pc if the ground is smooth, the rows are small, and the hay is not too thick; using a pickup can be faster and more comfortable than an open.What equipment do I need to cut hay?Timothy can go as high as 18 protein just before bloom to as low as 6-7 protein in late bloom hay.Hay is normally raked twice.When hay is curing in the barn, you can and should test it by putting your hand deep inside bales.The corn will probably produce a spectacular crop on a field that has been in alfalfa.Use caution if you are designing and building your own.Even if you only cut a small meadow and store the hay loose for a pet animal, completing the cycle of old-fashioned farming manure from the animals fertilizes the hayfield, hay from the field feeds the animal is rewarding.The fear that youll be judged, the fear that youre not good enough, the fear that someone will catch the faintest whiff of your weaknesses, and be honest.

This FAQ is for small farm and property owners who want to cut hay from meadows and fields for their own use or for casual sale.
Chafed or old twine not only produces weak bales, but is rough on some knotters.
If you own or can borrow the equipment, and if family, neighbors, and friends add up to the needed labor for timely baling and storage of hay haying your land or rented land can provide excellent feed for your livestock at a good price (especially.Clover is often planted in combination with a grass such as timothy, orchard grass, or bromegrass.The four chief resources are gold, elixir, dark elixir and gems.Even if you're an experienced mechanic, it is probably a good idea to try to get the manual with a used baler, to try it on some loose hay before you buy, and to examine it carefully for wear on the knotter, the flywheel bearings.Rain is not always the ultimate disaster for hay.Many farms have part of the equipment they need, like a tractor big enough for a baler.Square Balers Most small farms today forsake the picturesque haystacks for square balers.Make sure you can get replacement knives and stone guards for the mower.