instant article wizard 3.085

"Colon Cancer" instead of "colon cancer the subtopics would not parse out properly and only one or two would be shown.
Version.0225 BUG FIX: When working through replacing words in the Article tab using the drop-down synonym list, if a word was not in the thesaurus it would throw an "Object reference not set to an instance of an object" error.
Version.063 Auto-Create Content tool now groups related research together, making it easier to read and requiring less reordering.
Version.056 change: Now when you cricket 2002 game for pc select "Copy to Article" on the Research tab it will copy the selected research to wherever the cursor is in the Article tab.Add your DeathByCaptcha username and password in the Settings and captchas will be solved via DBC automatically.You can also select "Keep All Sentences" from the context menu to select all sentences in the topic for use in your article.BUG FIX: For some older versions of the.NET Framework the update routine was throwing an error converting the version number to a Double.

Version.0691, bUG FIX: When text contained extended ascii characters and you ran the ACC, sometimes it would lock up when trying to clean out extra spaces.
Version.042 Added support for recognizing 250 standard English abbreviations in order to prevent sentences being cut off at the abbreviation.
Version.0234 added: Up/Down arrows on the Random Article Generator to move selected topic up/down in its position relative to the other topics.
Use this when gathering research for product reviews.
Now, in addition to selecting your language preference, you can also specify which country you want the Google results to come from.Added: Context (right-click) menu in the topic text boxes of the Random Article Generator.Version.069, bUG FIX: Sometimes when clicking the Next or Previous buttons on the Article tab after Identifying Synonyms the list of synonyms would not appear and you would have to click Tab again to get back to the list.Download Latest Version, to download the latest version of Instant Article Wizard (3.21 click this link.Version.0228 BUG FIX: Fixed a bug that caused the program to hang while fetching results for some keywords.Added: Support for m automatic captcha solving.Updated result retrieval code to account for new Google page layout on some properties (News, Scholar).Version.053 added: Google Reviews source.Shows you how many words of research you have selected in the topics.