jagged alliance 2 mods

For a full list of features, visit the JA2.13 Mod developers wiki at m, give it a try!
Among the many brilliant things that.13 adds to the game, there are hundreds of new weapons.
1.13 has been structured in such a way that it can be used as a baseline for creating new mods.
Thats not just me?
But I will reserve a little more space to talk about technical changes.Bobby Ray's: Bobby Ray's now has many different filters and sorting options, and there are 4 levels of gear you can choose from when you start a new game, they range from Normal to Awsome level where all items are available at BR's from the.Because Jagged Alliance is so good at feeding back information and intelligently showing the consequences of decisions, providing more decisions doesnt actually make things more complex, it just increases the potential combinations.If you are.13, Urban Chaos should be retrieved from here rather than the earlier link.But progress will occur and the next jungle heat unlimited diamonds hack tool time a fight breaks out, the training will pay off with victory, or at least a more evenly balanced texas instruments ti-84 plus emulator death toll on each side.For maximum changes in a minimal timeframe, youll want.Theres number-crunching happening and lots of it, but its rarely obvious to the player.The original game was limited to 350 different items, that cap has been removed and all item data has been externalized.

Added a number of new ammo types and explosion types such as tracer ammo, and explosions that cause spreading fire.
Youve been having your best marksman train her up for this, so youre not quite as surprised when she takes a bead on someone and makes his head burst like an overripe watermelon.
Complexity is a big part of it, with an incredibly detailed tactical combat system backed up by an overarching strategic game that covers hiring, training, deployment, purchasing, equipping and managing of personalities.
This is exemplified by firefights.
And kill them in interesting ways!Now, there are over 1000 different items in the game, and many of those are weapons.Guns with scopes and suppressors, guns with retractable stocks and laser aiming modules theyre all in the mod, and you can cobble them together as well.Just dont come crying to me when youre riddled with bullets because Im not a doctor but I am extremely squeamish.Capability of readying a weapon without firing it (Raise the weapon one turn, save a few AP on the next when you fire at your target, and also take advantage of Sniper Scope vision range increase) - IMP Files are now stored by name.1.13 is really more of an upgrade to the base game engine than a total conversion.Page history last edited by, sergeant_Kolja 2 years, 4 months ago, jagged Alliance 2 v1.13 is a modification for the Jagged Alliance 2 game.Previous Release Date: 11 December, 2011 (Build: 4870 next Release Date: 2015).Its a terrible world, my little militia.All other equipment slots depend on various different vests, thigh rigs, and backpacks that you can pickup or buy.