jimmy two shoes episodes

10 ProdCode " Carnival Lucius /Baby Boom" 8, 2009 Carnival Lucius: Heloise tricks Lucius into building a "miserable" carnival, which Lucius later discovers to be "fun".
19 ProdCode "Night in the Heinous Museum / I Married a Weavil" 15, 2009 Night in the Heinous Museum : When the Heinous Museum is under attack, Heliose and Jimmy are pressed into service as security guards to protect Lucius's most prized possession a Little League.
Baby Boom: In order to raise money for concert file scavenger keygen 3.2 tickets, Jimmy and Beezy babysit the General's children.
18 ProdCode " Best options futures and other derivatives solutions manual 8th edition Prank Ever / Bad Horn Day " 8, 2009 Best Prank Ever : It's Lucius Fools Day the one day a year when Lucy gets to inflict more misery than usual through various mean-spirited pranks.
Original airdate 1, prodCode i Totally Shredded My Cheese heloise's Wish List " 6, 2009 i Totally Shredded My Cheese: Jimmy gets instant stardom after he creates a catchphrase called "I totally shredded my cheese" and Lucious is trying to sell Diet Chunk (parody.Clown Gone Wild: Jimmy and Beezy deasprately want to join the Rodeo Clown's Cool Clown Club.Ghostsmackers: When the ghost of pizza-crust-past starts haunting Beezy, its up to Jimmy to make things right before Lucius sends Heloise to make him stop.5 ProdCode " A Cold Day in Miseryville / Mount Misery " 3, 2009 A Cold Day in Miseryville: When Jimmy talks about how fun snow is, Heloise invents a machine that makes snow, but when Lucius hires Samy to use it to spread misery.Rocket Jimmy : In order to live out his dream of space travel, Jimmy poses as Molotov.Jimmy Two-Shoes 101, i Totally Shredded My Cheese / Heloises Wish List.

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Best Bud Battle : When Cerbee runs off with Jimmy's home on the end of his leash, Heloise and Beezy face off over who gets to have Jimmy as their houseguest.
7 ProdCode "Way Below Par/ Jimmy MatchMaker " 17, 2009 Way Below Par: When Jimmy starts beating Lucius at golf, Heloise must intervene before Lucius floods the whole town." Jimmy Matchmaker: Jimmy plays matchmaker to find Beezy a date to Lucius' statue unveiling ceremony.
Too impatient to follow the instructions, Jimmy now has to contend with an army of Himmies who terrorize Miseryville.
4, prodCode spew Tube monster Mutt " 27, 2009 Spew Tube: When Heloise posts an embarrassing video of Lucius for all of Miseryville's amusement, Jimmy must restore Lucius' villainous reputation.24 ProdCode " No Rules Rulez Jimmy / Best Bud Battle " 10, 2009 No Rules Rulez Jimmy : Jimmy and Beezy take to nature when they decide there are too many rules in Miseryville.From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia, jump to: navigation, search, the following is a list of episodes for the Canadian animated television series.Germain, synopsis: Watch Jimmy Two-Shoes Season 2 Episode 4 online free.Thank you so much!21 ProdCode "I am Jimmy / Happy Birthday, Lucius " 3, 2009 I am Jimmy : Jimmy is the only one awake after virtually all of Miseryville goes into hibernation.11 ProdCode "A Hair-Brained Idea/Ghostsmackers" 15, 2009 Hair-Brained Idea: Jez wants Lucius to try a youthful new look, so Lucius tricks Jimmy into swapping hairstyles using Heloises new Folicle Changeover Machine.12 ProdCode "Heat Blanket Jimmy/Cellphone-itis" 22, 2009 Heat Blanket Jimmy: Jimmy decides that the best way to beat the heat (and misery) is to have a beach party.