jquery datatable editable plugin

As of habbo hack 2014 no now, all the other fields are editable using jeditable.
Initializing the JQuery DataTables Editable plugin.
This plugin integrates several plugins such as JQuery DataTables, JQuery Editable, JQuery Validation plugins and implements common data management functionalities.
I'm having a PHP page where I'm using a DataTable(jQuery) plugin to display all the data from the database.Here I want to give the User the option to add new row,.e.Any pointers would be very helpful.The id value that is sent to the server-side is placed as an id attribute in the tr tag.

Answers, by : jorrin.
One of the requirement is to have a table with some cell being editable.
I am using JQuery dataTable plugin in my SharePoint site, and would like to stick.All client-side processing is encapsulated within the plugin.The JQuery DataTables Editable plugin integrates several plugins that add different functionalities to the table.FnUpdate( sValue, aPos0, aPos1, "submitdata function ( value, settings ) return "row_id tAttribute id "column oTable.Editing a cell is done inline by clicking.The most important one is the JQuery DataTables plugin that adds filtering, ordering and pagination functionalities to the table.