kayako fusion installation guide

To check the status of your license and subscription, log onto m and click on, orders.
Save your customized 'ml' file, and any image files it uses on your local machine.
On the front page, click the Add an account button to connect to your Kayako Classic instance.
The extracted folder contains a sub-folder named 'upload which contains all the files required to install your helpdesk.
Sql' file has been created successfully.You need to click " Uninstall " as shown in the following screen-capture to remove the " Live Chat " module.To install Kayako Desktop for Windows: Download the latest stable release by clicking this download link.Installing your Kayako Classic helpdesk Now that your server is prepped, you're ready to start the installation itself: Open up your browser and go to your Kayako Classic directory setup'.Next to Mailbox Type select Pipe.Important: Removing the /setup directory Once the setup process has completed successfully, you'll need to remove 'setup' directory from your server, as a security measure.At the top of the page, click the Execute button to run the task.Note: If you didnt modify or back up any of your language packs, skip this section.Here's an example of what the database details in your 'p' file should look like: * database hostname * database username * database password * database name note: The rest of the settings in p should be left unchanged unless you are very familiar with.If you like, you can customize the tab color of your chat windows, by dragging the.Set a name for this account field.

_DB"password" Needs to be set to your database user's password.
Installing Kayako Desktop for Mac (kdfm) To install Kayako Desktop for Mac: Download the latest stable release by clicking this download link.
Finish button to complete the installation.
Provided you don't have any conflicting 'p' files, you'll need to rename this file to 'p' before continuing.To do so click on the " Live Chat " option and you will be presented with the uninstall page.If you don't remove them these options will still show up in the helpdesk, although the modules have already been uninstalled.Once the upgrade is complete, you'll see a success screen, and you'll be ready to start reactivating your helpdesk.What to expect from the upgrade process.Specify localhost when prompted for a host name.Reactivating your Kayako Classic helpdesk Reenabling your email queues First thing to do, once the upgrade process is complete, is to capture any emails that came in while your helpdesk was unavailable.Unix-based servers On a Unix-based system, you'll use the 'chmod' command to set permissions to '777' on the aforementioned directories: From within the swift' directory: chmod-Rf 777 files cache geoip logs From within your Kayako Classic root directory (e.g.Back up your file attachments and GeoIP folder Next, you'll need to make a copy of two folders ms office 2000 gratuit that store important information for your helpdesk: Using a file manager or the command line, log into your server and navigate to the Kayako Classic root directory.Add your own logo image and text if you like, or use as-is.