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Back to Top, introduction / How to Navigate, during the summer of 1986, a young James "Jamie" Arthur Johnson was inspired to search for his family heritage.
M Braose (Briouze, Braiose, Braos, de Briouze, de Braose / de Braiose / de Braos) (unverified per Research Note ) m, m, and if research can be verified, m Brecc (likely fictitious - Irish legend) m Breg (likely fictitious - Irish legend) m Brittany (De.
Because my father's ( William Herman Johnson ) mother is his father's fourth cousin once removed, this makes my father his mother's fifth cousin.
Related Letters: Charlemagne: Sure, many in the West are descended from him (and other royalty per this article and this article but let me tell of the multiple ways I am possibly descended directly from him: Charlemagne is my 35th great grandfather possibly 1 time.Research Note m, m Gautreksson (Viking legend) m Gautsson (Viking legend) m Gervinus m Giffard (unverified per Research Note ) m ; if research can be verified, m Gifford (if research can be verified) m Gilbert m Glas (likely fictitious - Irish legend) m Glaus.M, m Cowger (Gauger)?Queen Elizabeth II Queen Elizabeth II's 32nd great grandfather Ranulf I is possibly ( Research Note ) my 36th great grandfather, meaning that at the very "least" I am possibly Queen Elizabeth II's 34th cousin 4 times removed.Simply click on the ancestor's name to find additional persons with that surname where applicable.Valentin and Michael Kayser: Pennsylvania Pioneers and their Descendants in Virginia (2002) - Kiser Ancestry Kiser, Karl - great-great-great grandson of Christian and Mary (Smith) Stone (parents of Jacob Stone who married Hannah Trumbo who were in turn parents of Louisa Stone, great grandmother.Records may require memberships to genealogy Web sites.

M de la Haya comptia network 2012 pdf (de la Haye, de Haya, Haya, Hay)?
I am also a distant cousin to the 44th President of the United States, Barack Obama.
One of my ancestors.M Brandli (Brand, Brandt, Braund, Brando, Brann, Braun, Bront) m Bretton (de Bretton)?M Krahenbühl (also Krahenbuhl, ancestry of Crabill, Craibill, Creybill, Grabill) m, m Küchler/Kuchler m, m Kuhni m Kunzi m L ( Back to Quick Links for Surnames ) la Lee (de la Lee)?M, m De Forbes (Forbes) m, m, m de Gael (Gael) (unverified per Research Note ) m ; if research can be verified, m de Galloway (Galloway) (unverified per Research Note ) m ; if research can be verified, m Gander (De Gander if research.Research Note m, m Seisyll (unverified per Research Note ) m Seton (De Seton) (if research can be verified) m Shattuck (Shattocke, Shattock, Shaddock, Shadduck, Shaddick, errantly written as Shatluck in recent genealogies) m Shaw m, m Sigarsson (Viking legend) m Sigmundsson (Viking legend).