make background transparent in gimp 2.8

If this feature is greyed out then its already done. .
Important: Only file formats that support transparency include.
Tip: Use the zoom tool to see the details more clearly.
0, luminosity Masks Revisited, posted by patdavid on Jan 2, 2014, using Luminosity Masks, you can very selectively control which regions of an image that you want to focus on, and can modify only that region specifically.Step 1 open your image and select the area you want to make transparent, in this example the black background will be removed deleted.Step 5 export the file as a png format.Step 4 select, edit - Clear. .Please read more about.Layer - Transparency - Add Alpha Channel. .This makes the selection transparent.Last Updated: January 17, 2016, news: Gimp has released version.8.16.You might like to check the following video transparent background gimp.

This tutorial was created using, gimp version.6.11.
You should install the latest version.
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This makes sure your image can store transparency data.
I am going to use an image of a rose with a black background colour.As you can see it is very simple.Step 2 you will usse the following tool.This tells you that the black background has been selected.Create check dll version windows 7 a Banner using Gimp, create round corners using Gimp, create An Image Map For WordPress Using Gimp.