medical top team episode 4

23 mins play Kickboxing Kids This powerful episode documents the 010 editor v4 crack lives of Thai children as young as seven who fight in the brutal sport of Muay Thai, knocking out their opponents with elbows, knees, feet and fists 25 mins play Dancing in the Danger Zone.
We sat down and talked about what it means to be wicked games clean version home; the smell, the sound of the ocean, the coconut trees.
This episode is subtitled23 mins play The Betrayal of Kenya's Athletes In four years, more than 40 Kenyan athletes have failed doping tests.Culinary arts is not a usual topic you expect to see highlighted on television, so for members of the team filming was not only fun, but validation of the accomplishments they have made this year in their craft.USA: Sandra Carly, obsessive cleaners Sandra and Carly travel to a small town in Virginia in the United States to tackle the overwhelming clutter and junk in the two homes of ex-builder Will.Unreported World reveals how they're flooded with unhealthy food and fatty offcuts considered unfit for human consumption elsewhere.Contains bleaching of vegetables which should not be copied.This episode is subtitled47 mins play Series 2: Richard Linda, Louise Michelle Former air steward Richard visits dog minder Linda from Brentwood, Essex.This episode is subtitled47 mins play Series 4: Kris Edwina and Fiona Jenny Paul First is 34-year-old medical scientist Kris who spends over 22 hours a week keeping his three bed in Wakefield germ free.The Joint Team Hawaii focused episode will air this Sunday July 23 at 6:30.m.The cleaners head for a 16th century manor in Somerset, where an acclaimed writer of ghost stories needs help with clearing out some of her junk.

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This episode is subtitled47 mins play Series 2: Sarah Louise and Adam Lara Sarah has filled most of her house with her hoard.
This episode is subtitled47 mins, uSA: Caren Dave and Britta.
Arana also had a very positive experience from working with Sam Choy in particular.
This episode is subtitled25 mins play The Kids of Murder High Ade Adepitan meets the inspirational head teacher in Honduras who's battling to give his pupils the best chance of survival in one of the most dangerous places on Earth This episode is subtitled24 mins.Contains scenes of surgery This episode is subtitled25 mins play Yemen: Death Row Teenagers Krishnan Guru-Murthy travels to Yemen to reveal the scores of young men locked up in prisons and awaiting execution for crimes they are accused of committing while they were children This.Can they sort out the clutter, leftover food scraps and all the dog poo stains?It also highlights how the culinary specialist military occupational specialty gives service members the opportunity to pursue professional certification with the American Culinary Federation.Should you, would you, could you retail?And full-time mum Krystal meets April, whose home has become swamped by clutter.And Louise meets Paula in her chaotic Wokingham home.China's Pop Idols, marcel Theroux explores the extraordinary world of China's music stars, inspired by hip-hop, punk and K-pop but working under increasing censorship and a deeply authoritarian government play, africa's Superstar Gladiators, seyi Rhodes is in Senegal exploring the national obsession with wrestling.This episode is subtitled23 mins play, africa's Perfect Storm, seyi Rhodes meets people whose families and homes were torn apart by a huge mudslide in Sierra Leone in August that killed hundreds of people and destroyed the small town of Regent.This episode is subtitled47 mins play Series 4: Julie Ken and Krystal April Plumber Julie, whose loo is so clean you can drink from it, helps Ken in Norfolk.