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The Sega CD 2 was a smaller, cheaper top loading drive that plugged next to the inazuma eleven 3 the ogre english patch v0.6 Sega Mega Drive.
The system sold 100,000 units during the first year of release in Japan.
Split screen effects and interlacing are fully supported.Initially, it was a great success because of the inherent advantages of CDs (high storage capacity and the low cost of media).The Korean-market consoles were licensed and distributed by Samsung Electronics.It was released in 1998 as the "Genesis 3" in North America only.In the end, the Sega CD failed to convince North American gamers, mostly due to the cost of the console, and the lack of any hardware advancements.In North America, Sega released the Genesis in late 1989, followed the next year by the European release of the MegaDrive.The output from the MegaDrive section was only available through the VGA connector, to the supplied dual-sync (15 kHz/31 kHz) monitor.The standard 3 and 6-button pads are fully supported.The code is now based on HazeMD.The teeth of disk holder are undamaged.Usage, mESS supports various MegaDrive / Genesis versions * genesis Sega Genesis (USA, ntsc) * megadriv Sega MegaDrive (Europe, PAL) * megadrij Sega MegaDrive (Japan, ntsc) * gensvp Sega Genesis (USA, ntsc) with SVP - this driver emulates a Genesis and the SVP add-on chip.

Moreover, the game experience was little improved.
An extra line out port was provided for stereo equipment.
Region Settings, when emulating Genesis with SVP add-on, you can change the Console Region on the fly entering the "Dip Switches" menu, accessible by hitting TAB.
TeraDrive: The TeraDrive was an 80286 PC manufactured by IBM with an integrated MegaDrive.Miscellaneous * Some MSX machines released only in Arab countries by a company named Universal, which along with MSX software could also (allegedly) play MegaDrive games.(Spider Man vs the Kingpin in particular made many changes, which drastically restructured the game, making it somewhat non linear, and adding animated cutscenes.) The console also had one standard Sonic game, simply titled Sonic.Sound was likely to be better if it included some CD audio tracks, but on the average, conventional games looked the same.Etymologically, TeraDrive is a pun on the terms "MegaDrive" and "tera which equals 1*mega*mega.