minecraft admin mod multiplayer

Save-all Instantly write on the depending change on to the server.
If command miss the player name then target player will be teleported to the tp player name x y z Function teleports a player name or youself (if you won't set a player name, which is optional value) to a specified location of coordinates:.
You can use a multi-person selector with this command.
Kick player name reason Instant disconnect by force a specified player from the server.
Pardon-ip ip address An opposite command to the ban-ip.Note that in single player mode you won't see a multiplayer commands.This command change a game mode of course.Player name is a optional parameter.And then type a list of users.Amount of item and meta data of item are optional parameters in this command.Clear player name item meta data Command is used to clear an inventory the book of ruby of player specified in the player name variable.Example of tree names: "name1, name2 and name3" or example of two names: "name1 and name2".Minecraft server multiplayer commands.Xp amount L player name This command gives a specified number of leves.

Minecraft multiplayer server commands.
Difficulty peaceful easy normal hard Command used to change the game difficulty.
Minecraft server case you can control your server behaviour.
Here below you can find.
If you wont set a player name - the game mode will be change to you (the player who runs this command).Command sends a narrative message to the other players.Gamerule rule name true false Command which allow to change game rules.Like in any other servers as well.Minecraft commands on server, when you are an admin of the.