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Your article is titled "Excel serial date to DMY and vise versa" (i.e.
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After some googling I learned that the super car racing games software Excel serial date is related to Julian date, and found a speedy algorithm to convert these numbers to DMY and vise versa.
How about this alternative: public static double GetDateTimeAsDouble(DateTime value, bool use1904DateSystem) return (value - (use1904DateSystem?According to the stories, Microsoft decided to duplicate this date bug from Lotus 123, which was the dominating spreadsheet application at the time Excel was being written.As already mentioned, Microsoft Excel stores dates as serial numbers and operates on those numbers in formulas and calculations.1/1/2007 1/2/2007 3/3/2007 3/4/2007 3/5/2007 2/6/2007 3/7/2007 2/8/2007 2/9/2007 2/10/2007 2/11/2007 2/12/2007 This means its going out after februvary.It is sortable in string representation).The title and I wanted to point out that there is an international standard for dates, seeing as this website is visited by people from all around the world.TimeOfDay.Tics) / (10000000L ) - 693593; br / if thats what you choose to do get rid of the talDays in the return br / statement.Function dmytoExcelSerialDate(nDay, nMonth, nYear) / Excel/Lotus 123 have a bug with.I won't go into this futher.Please constaint your questions to the article.In this date system: If year is between 19 inclusive, exactly that value is used for the year.

Next week, we will provide an overview of all Excel date functions illustrated with formula examples and complemented with links to other resources.
You're welcome to create a ISO Standard date string from these numbers using sprintf(szBuff, "d-d-d nYear, nMonth, nDay) or any format for that matter.
Excel date formula examples.
SerialNumber; return new DateTime(serialNumber 693593) * (10000000L This is all I needed for my purpose, but it would of course be trivial to extend it, for example to allow time information as well.As the link that you cite is broken, is there a way to get additional information for all the "magic numbers"?As you probably know, Excel does not keep the year, month and day for a date, nor does it explicitly store weekday information in a cell.Datevalue 1/1/2008 returns 39448, the serial number of the date 1/1/2008.Was there a strict requirement for your project to use DMY?