my little pony season 4 episode 7

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Twilight asks Fluttershy if any other creature could have done this, but Fluttershy doesn't have an answer.
What's wrong with the video?The ponies try to talk with the transformed Fluttershyor " Flutterbat as Rarity calls herbut she only hisses at them in response.As stick and rudder ebook they go to sweep up the rotten apple cores, Fluttershy looks over at an apple.She's determined to keep the fruit-sucking bats away from her prized blue ribbon applea much larger apple that she plans to enter into a competition in Appleloosa.Retrieved on 2013 December.Applejack is unwilling to let the vampire bats claim any more apples, calling them "nothing but a bunch of monsters".Fluttershy : But I didn't try and eat ponies?Pinkie Pie : Yes, you were!When Fluttershy tries talking with the vampire fruit bats, they spit apple seeds at her.Applejack is still very hesitant about the idea, as she recalls Granny Smith 's stories of the last vampire fruit bat infestation.Rarity : Me, too!

My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic Season 4 Episode 8 What's wrong with the video?
Rarity : That's not Flutter shy.
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It could've been.
She trots past a few of the apple trees, bucks one, and watches the apples fall, only to find them rotten and mushy.I need all hooves and claws on deck!Fluttershy, is there something wrong?Fluttershy proposes asking the bats nicely to stay away from the apple, but Applejack is skeptical.Rainbow Dash : Think of the cider!Do not upload anything which you do not own or are fully licensed to upload.