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Snapping a big stock photos trial window to the top of the screen maximizes.
9 Discontinuation edit Windows 8 and Windows Server 2012 adopted the Metro design language, which did not inherit all elements of Aero.
Bookmark Bar: Bookmarks bar on by default.
The default font size is also increased from 8pt to 9pt to improve readability.Nej freeware, kDE for Windows.10.2, the Linux desktop environment KDE in a Windows version.Transparency effects were removed from the interface, aside from the taskbar, which maintains transparency but no longer has a blur effect.The Best Windows 7 Themes On The Web.

The "glass"-like window borders, a distinctive feature of "Aero Glass.".
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Windows Vista Team Blog.
The outline of non-maximized windows is completely white, rather than having a cyan outline on the right side and bottom.
Doporuujeme vám stáhnout a nainstalovat nejnovjí verzi jednoho z následujících prohlíe: Nae webové stránky nejsou optimalizovány pro prohlíe, kter práv pouíváte.Task Dialogs : dialog boxes meant to help communicate with the user and receive simple user input.Aero Wizards are the replacement for Wizard 97, incorporating visual updates to match the aesthetics of the rest of Aero, as well as changing the interaction flow.Dobr den, jak mám tu hru spustit?Features Most Demanding Feature to save project to edit after sometime.VistaMizer, jeden z mnoha balík, kter dokáe zmnit operaní systémy Windows XP / Windows 2003 Server do podoby Windows Vista.Choose 'Close' to terminate the application.