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Solving the path one number at a time is easier than doing them all at once.
Neither mentions the ox or the ass.
The best way to use this walkthrough is by clicking on the ctrl and F keys on your keyboard to simultaneously to bring up a search box.The low numbers are on top and the highest numbers are at the bottom.Open the door on the right and go through it to access the security office (E).Considered a fairytale, its telling was common at campfires and as a bedtime story meant to frighten small children into staying in cheat headshot point blank indonesia their beds through the night.Look at the poster (H).If you make a mistake, click on the green button twice to reset the puzzle.Return to the bathroom in the Dalimar household.If you make a mistake, the puzzle will automatically reset and you must start over with a new sequence.Zoom into the mannequin; use the eyedropper on his sweat to obtain the dropper OF sweat (1).Cut the rope with the glass shard 3 times to acquire the bucket (M).The left button moves the red ring, the center button moves the green ring, and the last button moves the blue ring.Exit the hut and go through the gates.

Use the twine on the magnet; click on the magnet to acquire the lighthouse KEY (4).
Examine the sink for a MOS.
Zoom into the card table; pick any card; this time you will win and the mannequins head will explode (12).
You will not be able to beat him; come back here later (14).
When you click twice on a non-pregnant belly, the belly of the woman to the right of her will become pregnant.You can click on Madame Fate (2) and the Horn (3).Your name will appear on the gravestone (R).Put the ladder on the gap (M).You have completed Mystery Case Files: Escape from Ravenhearst Standard Edition!Please look at the screenshot for the solution (L).If you exit the device before all dials are set correctly, you must start over.