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Hopefully we can build on it a bit and improve it, so i recommend going back to the rewrite.
The edit war that is going on right now is not productive.
132 00:09:31,167 - 00:09:35,445 But he hadn't counted on biologist Thomas Henry Huxley.
Avi - 954,674,822 RiffTrax S01E142 Neutron the Atomic Superman.
A Supercar, if that term means anything, is characterised by performance, style and price.Zach4636 11:39, (UTC) Gallery of super car examples edit The gallery of super car examples has become far too long.Start-Class sylvia day books for on the project's quality scale.RobertHarless ( talk ) 17:59, (UTC) The May '65 issue of the.S.'s "CAR life" first 'coined' "Supercar" - NOT.K.'s "CAR" edit I am Robert Harless, author of the book "Horsepower War: Our Way of Life which is a footnoted several times in the.It was a strict interpretation of something that no one really agrees.

190 00:13:43,647 - 00:13:47,686 An Englishman by the name of John Gabriel stedman came back from 191 00:13:47,767 - 00:13:51,362 south America with reports of having been bitten by a vampire.
I can't believe you're actually suggesting that!
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