snes emulator for linux

To top it off, Snes9x seems abandonware as well.
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It can be installed from the openerp web client 6.1 Software Center.Except the posts are from 2008.It'll open, but options freezes when I try closing.It's not just the ROM, I've tried a clean version as well.Total User Votes: 8530 Based on ROM Compatibility, download: zsnes.51, download your emulator above and don't forget to get some.Emulators super Nintendo Entertainment System (snes) linux zsnes, super Nintendo Entertainment System (snes) Emulator for Linux.A see-through line near the bottom of every text box.

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The most popular snes emulator for Linux and my personal favorite, is zsnes.
It is time to boot that ROM!Sudo apt-get install zsnes, figure 1, after the installation is complete, type the zsnes command without"tion marks as shown.Figure 2 to run the zsnes emulator: zsnes, figure 2, after you run the command, the zsnes GUI will display.The emulator will act like a Super Nintendo Console and will play the roms for you. .Snes9x just sits there awhile before going black and freezing.See the GNU General Public License for more details.Most of the roms you will download are archived in zip archives.