star wars d6 books

Reading on these forums has lead me to believe that the D6, also called WEG-version, would suit us best.
A clever set of guidelines covers the use of the Force, complete with details of both its Light and Dark sides, enabling characters to make heroic efforts and pull off the kind of stunts that are vital to what Star Wars is all about.
Most seen to be to the FFG.
Galaxy Guide 2: Yavin and Bespin - 1st Edition: 1989, 2nd Edition: 1995.
Five exciting story lines and one complete short adventure ready to play separately or one after another in a campaign setting, Star Warriors starfighter sex god method 2nd edition pdf combat scenario including ship statistics and extra, full-color counters, * Full-color 21" by 33" floorplans of the Long Shot, the players'.The rich and varied background already created by the movies helps a great deal, but there have been many games based on great fiction, and few of them work nearly as well as Star Wars: The Roleplaying Game.In the early 1990s, before the advent of the modern Internet, the FidoNet Star Wars Echo ran a message forum for playing the West End Games Star Wars Roleplaying Game on-line on computer bulletin board systems.A companion volume of rules for Star Wars: The Roleplaying Game." 1989.The 64-page booklet is filled with information that can be used in any adventure: Over a dozen player character templates.Isbn Buy at Amazon Gamemaster Screen for Second Edition "Plunge into the adventure and mystery of the Star Wars universe with the Star Wars Gamemaster Screen.Game stats for common characters, starships and vehicles.Star Wars fans as reference material.There is a fan edited book called Star Wars reup Revised Expanded and Updated that you could find a PDF for that fixes some things from Second Edition Corebook.An unrelated, star Wars, rPG was published by, wizards of the Coast from 2000 to 2010.Adventure in a universe of epic heroes, fearsome villains, amazing technology and strange aliens.Detailed skill descriptions, with many new skills and special abilities for aliens!

A complete guidebook on how to bring the Star Wars universe to life." 1993.
Isbn Buy at Amazon Star Wars: The Role Playing Game (2nd Edition) "A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away.
Revised and expanded rules for personal combat, movement, damage, and healing.
There is a WEG Star Wars forum, The Rancor Pit, which has homebrew stuff and expert advice.
You can take the rules and make your own game if you want - see my signature for an example.Reply With", 02:57 PM #8 Re: Star Wars D6 Beginner books Originally Posted by Skywalker I believe there is a combined single book version with wrap around cover file like reup, but I couldn't find the link.But you and your Rebel band have a slim chance of preventing this nightmare.I have reup but prefer the 1e rules.Star Wars: The Roleplaying Game 30th Anniversary Edition!I'd start with either the 1st Edition Corebook (with the Star Wars movie poster for a cover) or the 2nd Edition Revised and Expanded Corebook (with the Millenium Falcon on the cover).With just a few minutes preparation, these hooks can provide countless nights of Star Wars adventure." 1992.Struggle against the awesome might of the evil galactic Empire, fly faster-than-light spacecraft, trade blaster uniblue driver scanner with crack fire with Imperial stormtroopers, fight lightsaber duels, and tap the mystic Force which binds all living things together.