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You can monitor Recent Tasks to determine when the deployment is complete.
Localization Issues Host agent upgrade fails if the vCloud Director system e accent aigu majuscule pc name contains non-ascii characters When you upgrade a vCloud Director system with non-ascii characters in its name from an earlier version to version.5.1, the host agent upgrade fails.
Guest customization triggered after you edit virtual machine properties Editing any virtual machine property might cause guest OS customization to be triggered at the next reboot of that virtual machine.Specifying a new storage policy for a virtual machine might cause the new storage policy to exceed its limit When a virtual machine is relocated to a new storage policy, the operation sometimes succeeds even though it causes the new storage policy to exceed its.If you are not a service provider, you do not have access to vCloud Director.6.3 for Service Providers.Non-ascii characters in VPN tunnel names appear as garbage characters in remote organizations When you assign a name to a VPN tunnel that includes non-ascii characters, the non-ascii characters in the name appear as garbage characters when you view the VPN tunnel from another organization.The product upgrade tool should be run only once per vCloud Director group.To install this head to the terminal and run sudo./ndle and agree to the defaults.I have some issues with one of my 2008 R2 guests which wont detect or move the mouse (havent resolved this yet but the others are working well, even in full screen mode.

Task returned by a vdcCaptureTemplate operation does not contain certain elements.
Caution If an SSO admin user is specified as the vCenter username in the format, tasks related to VDP operations do not appear in the vCenter Recent Tasks pane of the vSphere Web Client.
VMware Remote Console and Client Integration Plug-in requires one of the operating systems Windows XP/Server 2008/7/8 to be running on the computer it will.
It enables centralised and efficient management of backup jobs while storing backups in deduplicated storage locations.So, in other words, we're between a rock and a hard place: Chrome has a recent enough Flash player, but can't run the remote console plugin.Doing so can cause several problems for users of the vCloud Director Web Console, including making it impossible to change the capacity of the storage profile.On the Accept eulas screen, read the license agreement, click Accept, and then click Next.Attempts to migrate multiple vApps at once might cause vApp ownership to change to system When you migrate multiple vApps from one organization virtual datacenter to another, ownership of the vApps sometimes changes to system, making it impossible to determine the ownership of the vApps.