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Im a Bsc(Hons) in MIS Graduate and I Graduated from National University of Ireland / University College Dublin Ireland.
As with most subjective things in life we humans like to try and measure and quantify these vibrations.
Some of you have already made some good suggestions on how to overcome this little problem in the comments.
The first involves mechanically isolating any sources of vibration with the main structure of the enclosure.Don't be tempted to melt it, unless you have the correct safety equipment - the vapour is another way it can get inside you.As with the inner box, it also needs to be as sealed up and tight as possible, with no weak points for sound to leak out from.Lets put this inner box together (see photos).Even the expensive ones, like the Festool, extract a continuing fee, needing regular bag and filter changes to keep working properly.(A) presumably standing for average.

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To create super smooth operation, there are various fine tuning Correction Maps to adjust for; Throttle Acceleration, vehicle Speed, water Temp, intake Temp.
Lots of noise is bad.
It is best to handle the stuff with thick gloves - you don't want mods the sims 3 to cut yourself with lead!Even little cracks can make a big difference to the sound reduction index on an enclosure - think about a car window - opening it just a little makes a big difference to the noise you can hear outside.I already put a viewing window into one of the collection barrels, problem is that the static causes it to be obscured with dust, so that's little to no help.This project was borne out of my dissatisfaction with commercially available dust extractors.Quick and concise description of different types of silencers can be found here.If you want to do it this way follow the circuit diagram below, nothing is too complicated, expensive or difficult.Unfortunately, despite the sound having to travel against the airflow created by the vacuums, the gaps needed for the air to come in will still leak a lot of sound.