touchstone 3 work book

In the first question, the intonation typically rises.
Listening Best friends Listen to three conversations about best friends, and then fill in a chart I didn't know that!
What's he or she like?
Adverbs of manner are commonly used after action verbs.
All units contain the following basic structure.Most iv Introduction e)t.Assign a group task, such as Touchstone Student's Book 3, Exercise 3.The teacher support Web site offers teaching tips, classroom activities, downloadable materials, and more.It can also be used to correct or qualify information in someway.In addition, a study of a spoken corpus teaches us important things about social communication.Raise your hand." Read the information for Mostly A answers?_!.lessan_B Personality and character Vocabulary Adjectives for personality (See Student's Book.

Look at the sentences in t,he quiz for help." Do the task Have Ss complete the task and then compare their answers in pairs.
Can you use four 1- - of the verbs to retell Steve and Anna's story?
Each unit consists of: a unit opener page which presents the unit theme, unit aims, and a Before you begin warm-up activity four two-page lessons (Lessons A, B, C, and D) which present grammar; vocabulary; rsation strategies; and listening, reading, and writing practice a Vocabulary.
10 Listen to the rest richie sambora news april 2014 of their conversation.
Ling hasanother seminar on Sa/Urday.It :ts datuha'- 180000.Do you have friends you chat with online?Not at alL You don't need any special knowledge ofthe Corpus to use the course successfully.We sincerely hope that you will enjoy using Touchstone, and that it will contribute to the success of your English classes.