vlad tepes dracula pc game

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About This Game, vlad is an interactive graphic-novel with RPG elements where your decisions shape the outcome of your story.
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A gruesome scene welcomes you; hollow sockets live where eyes once saw their murderer coming for them.
You venture along the road to your destination, determined to solve the mystery terrorizing the citizens of Istanbul.Over 100 unique illustrations including weapons, characters, stories and more.The choice is yours; will you seek justice or wickedness?An engrossing, gritty art style that immerses you in the world of Vlad the Impaler.Copyright 2014 Section Studios.Dracula is more similar to empire management games like Lords of the Realm than real-time strategy games like Warcraft, although real-time tactical battles constitute a big part of the game.Dracula: Reign of Terror.Thousands of bodies line the roads, impaled on bloody poles, ravaged torn, lying limp; faces contorted in anguish.Contents, set in the 15th century, the player is, romanian general, vlad III whose goal is to recapture lands that were behind enemy lines pc game lost to the Turkish.Despite the unique premise that offers a lot of material, the game takes no advantage of that at all.A once beautiful, peaceful place is now a tormentors paradise; dark, bleak and heavy with fear.As a studio that originated in the world of video games, we know what our audience wants because we ARE the audience.

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Leading a small number of freedom fighters, your objective is to recapture your country and repel the invaders.
The choices you make will make or break your stats, effecting how your story ends.
Story, the scent of murder hangs in the air.
View all, what Curators Say 10 Curators have reviewed this product.The Soldier; fierce, strong, and none better with a blade.If this is just the path to the city, what lies within its walls?It would have been interesting, for example, if I could capture and torture my prisoners the way Count Vlad would have done - and appeasing the masses in his country should be much more challenging than a normal strategy game.Billed as a "role playing adventure the game is actually a straightforward strategy game with a mix of strategic and tactical levels.You receive a letter, bearing the kings seal, begging for your help.We wanted to create an experience that combined a unique visual style with thoughtful narrative and game play.