vmware 5.1 locked files

Feb 25 15:49:17 vm22 vmkernel: 2:00:15:18.435 cpu6:1038)len 23973, nb 1 tbz 0, zla 2, bs 65536.
OS: Debian GNU/Linux Lenny/Squeeze.
This was an untenable situation.
Trying diskcryptor vs truecrypt 2013 to solving systems of linear equations by graphing calculator remove files not in use/orphaned,but no success, as it seem those are locked somehow.
Type cmd: less /var/log/vmkernel and scroll to the bottom, you will see output like below: Feb 25 15:49:17 vm22 vmkernel: 2:00:15:18.435 cpu6:1038)FS3: 130: Feb 2515:49:17 vm22 vmkernel: 2:00:15:18.435 cpu6:1038)Lock type 10c0009424 v 21, hb offset 4154368.It worked for a few months and then stopped working (the replication, not the VM).I have been trying to replicate this VM with Veeam.This will display the system uuid of the ESX server.Can we use Voma tool to check for vmfs volume's integrity on running infra?When you find the ESX server that matches the uuid owner, logon to that ESX server and run the command: ps -elfgrep vmname where vmname is the problem.Since there is a process running, pid 13254 in the example, you need to kill it by following steps 5-12 on stopping a VM above.Application: VMware Server.In fact, this server had become.I deleted my snapshot and not the Consolidated Helper and the VM crashed, which was also the vCenter Server.

When I pull it back up I get that error.
I am able to rename n touch to change modify date,but trying to remove using rm -rf.getting messages in logs T04:01:46.360Z cpu11:108560647)Res3: 6166: Rank violation threshold reached: cid 0xc1d00002, resType 1, cnum 121 vol XYZ T04:01:49.365Z cpu1:108560647)FS3: 1308: vol 'XYZ lock at 25355264: Req mode.
It was this article that pulled the thread that untied the knot.
00:00:02 /usr/lib/vmware/bin/vmware-vmx ouphost/user/pool2 [email protected]
I can't get my VM to open.Example output below: 4 S root schedu Feb 25?Logon to the ESX host where the VM was last known to be running.I created a snapshot to see if it would reveal the Consolidated Helper and it did.You need to run the esxcfg-info command on each ESX server in the cluster to discover the owner.