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Smustard began in 2006 with the intent of providing quality 10 sliding miter saw reviews 2012 plugins to the SketchUp community and to help spur development of the SketchUp Ruby API.
If you remove the letter "S" from both words, you get "mustard" and "ketchup popular condiments in American culture.
Once we select to run the plugin, it will as as two questions.
Smustard Team, extensiones: 8, smustard plugins add command features to simplify repetitive or difficult modeling management tasks - just ask the thousands of users in over 80 countries across all 6 continents!Smustard continues that effort through the work of the Smustard Team and the guest authors that post their plugins and help contribute to the SketchUp Ruby community.If we select yes in the first questions, SketchUp automatically draws a line to close the curve.I personally have a shrtcut for Weld that is the letter W, since I use it very very often.Something like this: But in this case we don't want to see the edges on the curved surface.What this plugin does is basically, as its name says, to weld lines together.This might read very basic, but it becomes very important in many situations.Lets see some examples.The third use is to hide edges for extruded objects.Both process are equally quick, the results are almost the same.

Find faces for this curve?
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Incidentally, the "Sm" sound is pronounced like that in "Smith" rather than "S-mith".A must have Plugin for SketchUp.CatalĂ , castellano, deutsch, one of my favorite plugins for, sketchUp is the Weld plugin.Update: The same that I had done here with the weld plugin to extrude the curved face without seeing the intermediate edges, can be achieved without the weld plugin by using the Soften Edges Tool from SketchUp.When we extrude a face, all the corners become edges.So if we have a bunch of lines and we want to transform them into a sort of polyline, we can do that selecting the lines and going to Plugins - Weld.The plugin has also another use that is to create faces from a bunch of interconnected lines.The basic use is to join lines together.We could select those edges and hide them, or better we can weld the lines that create that curved surface before we extrude the face: By selecting the lines and welding them together we will get a new object with only 4 vertical edges, instead.In case you're wondering, the name "Smustard" is a play on words related to our beloved SketchUp.