windows 95 setup disk

Follow the instructions contained in this guide if it ever becomes necessary to reinstall Windows 95 on your system.
The install folder, should how have a collection of several thousand files, including, several subfolders and a winnt.
Using the Intel Pro Set to test network adapter.
Reboot your computer with this setup boot disk in the A: drive.
Double click on My Computer, which will then display an icon for each storage device.Select the model Equium you film one piece episode 591 have.Insert Toshiba Backup CD in the CD ROM Drive.Insert disk, Please insert the disk labeled 'Adapter Configuration and Drivers Diskette ' and then click.

Open EQM95/WFW(E by clicking on the Plus sign.
Installing Toshiba Advanced Power Management.
Choose Directory Use C:windows.Instructions for Using Backup CD-ROM Utilities and Drivers.Select Install Mediamatics Mpeg Arcade movie player.Click the option "Install the most common components (recommended and click next.Hlp.* Copy c:windowscommandmscdex.