windows server 2008 r2 virtual desktop infrastructure

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Remote Desktop Session Host in Redirection Mode.
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You need a feature only available to VDI (such as USB remoting available with RemoteFX).The Remote Desktop Session Host and Remote Desktop Connection Broker are on the smart defrag 4.1 serial same host in this architecture, but you dont have to place them on the same host (although its common to do so because of how closely the two roles work together).There are several options to solve this problem.A user profile disk stores user profile information in a separate virtual hard disk so that user profile settings are persistent across pooled virtual desktops.For example: The applications you want to use dont work or arent supported in a shared session, but are supported on.Click next: Review the summary and click Finish: Right click the new VM and select Start: Right click the new VM and select Connect: The VM should boot to the installation media to start the Windows 8 install.For full VDI deployment information, refer to the Microsoft TechNet page.Server 2008 R2 SKUs provide the same Hyper-V capabilities as the free Hyper-V Server solution but have additional capabilities beyond virtualization.

Figure 4: Assigning a personal desktop to a user Client VM Configuration Well want to use Windows 7 as the client OS within our VDI VMs for the best experience.
From the RD Virtualization Host, configure rollback for the pooled VMs and configure licensing.
Shes a contributor to Mark Minasis Mastering Windows Server 2008 (Sybex, 2008) and Mastering Windows Server 2008 R2 (Sybex, 2010 She also coauthored Microsoft Windows Server 2008 Terminal Services Resource Kit (Microsoft Press, 2008) and Microsoft Windows Server 2008 R2 Remote Desktop Services Resource Kit.If a user were outside the corporate network, then a direct RDP connection would be blocked by most organizations firewalls.It then redirects the RDP client to the correct client OS VM that will provide the desktop.After accepting the certificate error, login with appropriate credentials: Launch the virtual desktop using the supplied icon: Confirm that you want to connect Drives, Clipboard, etc.: Upon connection, the user credentials provided will be seamlessly passed through to the virtual desktop: Viola!Because we normally co-locate the Remote Desktop Session Host in redirection mode with the Remote Desktop Connection Broker role service, you need to ensure that you install the Remote Desktop Session Host and configure it in redirection mode on all nodes in the cluster.The load depends on how many VMs you expect to be active, and each VMs memory, processor and disk I/O demands.For each VM, we can create a snapshot that includes RDV_Rollback in the snapshot name.