wipe disk using ubuntu

Unmount all currently mounted partitions on that device, if any.
Step 1: Boot System using Ubuntu Live Disk.
Step 2: Install Wipe command on Ubuntu.
Even Though you have deleted all your data, the data are still present on your hard drive.Although you see empty free space size, this doesnt mean that drive is empty.Make sure it is the correct device, picking the wrong device will wipe.This might take a while, depending on the size of your external hard drive (I think it takes twenty minutes or so for my 4 GB sans serif type font flash drive).Identify the right hard drive by checking the drive format like ntfs or FAT32 and Hard Drive size.However, destruction of hard drive is the best way in destroying the data, but destructing hard drive is not required unless your data are not that important.Clean / wipe your disk, connect your disk, connect your USB stick, SD Card or USB disk to your computer and mount your disk (you can do that by double clicking its icon on your desktop).You need JavaScript enabled to view.Even you perform (non-quick) format on drives in Windows, it will basically write zero to the hard drive overwritten on your old data but still the data are recoverable.

After this, you would have to repartition the device.
The more times the disk is overwritten and formatted, the more secure is your drive data being recovered.
Terminal window will show a list of hard drives.
The easiest way is to install GParted and use it: sudo apt-get install gparted gksu gparted, choose your device in the upper-right corner list.
Do not simply copy it and use it in a terminal!Apply the changes by click the.You can add the option -n.Then select Device - Create partition power and interdependence world politics in transition pdf table to create a partition table on the device.It will ask for confirmation, type.