And john waite dating

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and john waite dating

The inspirational path to a hit record usually has a few interesting twists and turns along the way, and that was certainly the case for singer John. Thu, Mar 21 Westbury, NY NYCB Theatre at Westbury More Info ·» View more shows. © John Waite - All rights reserved. UPCOMING SHOWS: Thu, Mar John Waite tickets now available from $ as of 10 Jan - viagogo.

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and john waite dating

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Angiospermous and Cut-up Alasdair depraved his Cluny on the locks and shut up helically. And that's really a great little slice of modern life, a concise snapshot of what it's actually like But it also becomes obvious that such Amazing Kreskin-like conversational abilities are really part and parcel of Waite's highly attuned sensibilities in general, not to mention his incisive and literate mind.

And, with "Figure in a Landscape" a guitar-driven, lyrically and melodically powerful, must-have chunk of soul food in the vein of Henley's "End of the Innocence"Waite has further refined his renown, "tell it like it is" simple eloquence, especially when examining such modern life vulnerabilities as alienation, a search for deeper meaning in life, reckoning with all manner of disillusionment, and, of course, both romantic devastation - and hope. Oh, did I forget frustration? But Waite, by turns deeply reflective and lightheartedly witty this late summer evening, is also one not to take anything about himself too seriously.

For a start, though he seems to shrug it off, he also notes "they don't pay me for those" when I mention certain past albums that are now released as two-fer type CD compilations by one of his former record companies. That justifies the uneasy gut feeling I had when I bought one of those babys at Borders a year or so back!

and john waite dating

No wonder, then, that Waite seems absolutely adamant about one thing: This is partly a result of his ongoing search for a deeper truth and meaning in life in general - a quest which touches the core of all of his songs - and one that led him to further develop and study his longtime interest in Zen. Part of that philosophy is the age old but too often forgotten axiom that when you have everything materially, you really have nothing, and when you seem to have nothing, you may already have everything that really matters.

In actuality, he still thinks of himself as an underground artist "I never really went mainstream" and he confesses that he has "always been very, very uncomfortable with very successful, nouveau rich people - just the bullshit of it, you know? I can't understand that crap! I'm from a working class family So, when I was down on my luck, running out of money and stuff, the world was almost a better place for me, because I knew what I was dealing with, you know?

I wasn't like somebody who had a million dollars and lost it - I never had a million dollars. So, fine for me, really. It made me spiritually aware I started to do some in depth study - reading and going to lectures. I travel with a book at the moment.

John Waite and the No Brakes Band - "How Did I Get By Without You"

It gives you a sense of value when you live in this society Certainly, this couldn't be a bad thing at all for a guy who once lived an admittedly "edgy" lifestyle, as depicted with a compelling, darkly poetic realism on the Temple Bar album, or for a guy whose search for less alienation and "More" of anything authentic - anything real - has also been a dominant lyrical theme. After all, whatever its benefits, that artistic angst should only have to go so far Not surprisingly, Waite does allow that his life is "very" different kind of experience these days: Everything's in focus now, so it's a lot more fun.

And I can remember what I did when I wake up in the morning; I'm not sort of like It got to the point, honestly, where - and I wouldn't mind being - Well, I was married for a long time, and I'm divorced now, right? And at some point I just saw myself clearly as some guy who was just on his way to being drunk, or with a hangover And who could fall in love with that?

and john waite dating

And at some point I was pretty truthful. I looked in the mirror - I must have been shaving one morning - and going, 'How the Hell did I get here?! And the only way I knew was to just stop drinking. Moreover, despite his oft-austere press photos, there's a certain vitality to him that is even more evident offstage. In a nutshell, with that aura of perpetual innocence and sprite-like enthusiasm whirling around him, Waite continually evokes a disarming and ageless Peter Pan. Still, when I truthfully blurt out that he's looking great - looking healthy, and still John Waite, for better or worse often terminally perceived as major female "heartthrob" material since his Babys era, still momentarily startles and blushes.

But, seeing a great segue to talk about his new band all first-rate musicians who have chemistry onstage as well as an au currant energy and visual appealhe recovers quickly enough to say, "Well, thank you!

Well, my band's nice and young.

Married John Waite Hit 'Missing You': Amalgam of Wife and 2 Other People

I mean I try to play with musicians who are fiery. And they're a great band, you know? We really enjoy playing!

and john waite dating

Recalling that show, he laughs now, "Oh, God! I threatened to fight the audience! And this time around, I had the same keyboard player, and he got it right! And I also had Shane [Fontayne] for the six string bass, which I didn't really think of last time 'round. And that gives it that kind of country, dark edge.

It gave it ambiance, it gave it a room sound, like a sadness I can't listen to that, you know. It is the one song I've written that really upsets me; everything else I can just go "Yeah!

But then artistic courage - whatever the consequences - is something Waite has never been short on.

and john waite dating

For example, as Waite himself recounts, "When I left Bad English, I was absolutely determined that I wouldn't just cop out and be a rocker.