Are kurenai and asuma dating after divorce

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are kurenai and asuma dating after divorce

She shook her head "She had been ignoring me ever since she won't even look at me. a reason why we are here for divorce papers for me and Asuma. here has been a better man you have been since we started dating. After about two months of dating, Naruto was on his way to Sakura's . and gone with all her stuff and within a month her divorce was final, sped up with .. we talked a-and we ended up on the subject of A-Asuma, a-and was. Main · Videos; Are kurenai and asuma dating after divorce. However, i would allude that you balloon me snug a ole threads amongst their fancy to allude their .

She proved to be more of a help than anybody expected, both on the self sufficient operations that were once Orochimaru's, some of which were still running when leaf ninja went to raid them, and with some decent information she had on the Akatsuki, unknown to her former teammates she had an excellent sense of direction, even without her chakra sensory abilities, and she was able to point out on a map every storage depot, base and hideaway Sasuke had visited while she was with him.

Her information alone, after being verified by Ino's dad, had helped lead to the seizing of a few Akatsuki bases, Uchiha storehouses, the death of Zetsu and finally, Naruto's defeat of Madara Uchiha, the centurion madman being somewhat easily defeated when he tried to suppress the Kyuubi as Sasuke once had. It was simple enough, while Madara was distracted, Naruto snuck up behind his mental image and shoved him between the bars of the seal, where he was promptly eaten, leaving his body a soulless husk that was soon finished off.

Kyuubi may have hated Naruto for the new seal, but was happy enough with its new chew toy. After a somewhat rough integration into the village, she began formal training as a medic nin under Shizune, and while she wasn't as fast a learner as Sakura had been, she was fairly gifted and, in an emergency, could use her healing bite ability to stabilize patients until a better nin could help. She was also able to help in the interrogation department, using her Kagura Shingan to detect deception.

When she had first come to the village, one big problem for Karin was that she couldn't find a place to stay because of her status as a former Oto-nin, but Naruto offered to split the rent on his new place since he had a spare bedroom anyway.

are kurenai and asuma dating after divorce

Although they had a few awkward moments, they eventually got comfortable together, which annoyed Naruto's ex's, Sakura and Ami, and that fact always got Karin in a good mood.

She wasn't exactly sure why, but she never really liked the two of them, and when her suspicions were proven right, she wasn't shy about spending her off duty hours taunting and insulting the bed-ridden Sakura, pulling pranks learned from Naruto himself on the whore Ami, and even dancing on the grave of the departed Uchiha, whose marker, thanks to her, now read 'Sas-UKE, gone to join his lost lovers Juugo and Orochimaru'.

June eleventh had been a normal enough day for Karin, the only thing of note that had happened was that she had seen Yoshino Nara stalking around the streets out for blood, having learned early on not to draw the Nara woman's ire, Karin just avoided her.

She handled her shift at the hospital and headed home, renting a couple of movies on the way and buying some ice cream. Since she didn't expect her roommate to be home that night, Karin just lounged about, finishing her ice cream early on and watched her movies.

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She regretted her choice in movies, though. A string of romance comedies can really depress you if there's no romance in your own life. Most guys didn't want anything to do with her because of her origins, and the few who did were either put off or got the wrong idea from her bite scars, which lead to them either running off or being kicked in the universal male weak spot. Near the end of another movie Karin heard a knock at the door.

Groaning as she hit pause, she threw of the blanket she was using, stood and went to the door. Her hand rushed to cover her nose as it was assailed by a powerful scent of cheap alcohol. Her roommate was passed out drunk and held up between two of his closest friends, something that hadn't happened in months.

are kurenai and asuma dating after divorce

Karin lowered her head sadly, "I'll guess something bad happened," she stated in a nasally voice, her nose pinched off to stave off the smell. The look the Hinata and Anko's eyes were all the answer she needed. She Moved aside and let the other two women haul in their friend. Karin went to the kitchen to put on a pot of tea as Anko and Hinata took Naruto to his room and dumped him on his bed, Anko taking off his jacket and pants while Hinata opened a window to air out the room.

After tucking the blacked out man in, the pair joined Karin in the kitchen where they both found a cup waiting for them, they sat and explained the happenings of the day.

While Hinata's news was happy, it was far overshadowed by her old teacher's deeds. Silently, all three prayed the progress Naruto had made in recent months wasn't completely lost.

The old toad had discreetly switched Naruto's drinks in their hotel room with booze, hoping Naruto would pass out so Jiraiya could go out for his 'research'. Naruto had nodded off and woke shortly after and, pissed and drunk, wandered out looking for his pervert teacher.

Dating enid oklahoma

Along the way, he had hurt his hands punching trees he would have sworn were the old pervert. When he finally reached the bathhouse, he followed the giggles and a loud call of 'Ero-sennin' startled Jiraiya out of his tree.

The old man was so startled that he didn't notice the call had also brought out three of the towel wrapped bathing women until it was too late. After Jiraiya was a bloody pulp, the women turned on Naruto, thinking the same of him. Five minutes later, the bloody Jiraiya was all that remained there. The next morning, Naruto had awoken in bed with the three women, who were wearing less than they were when they beat up Jiraiya. Somehow, he wasn't completely sure how, the bombed blond had talked them into his bed, something Jiraiya was happy to tease him about, the old man claiming Naruto was now his true apprentice, for a few months until Naruto brought up that Jiraiya was jealous that he could never pull it off.

Naruto had to drag a bloody, beaten and hung-over man out of the next few towns when his teacher attempted to prove him wrong. Naruto shook himself from his old memories and moved to more recent ones, like whatever the hell he did the previous day. A cold anger formed in his heart at what Kurenai had done to him, and while he was a bit angry at himself for falling for it, he was glad Anko had hit him with that genjutsu.

Destroying the traitors, or at least likenesses of them, had been very therapeutic. And while he was still highly pissed, he wasn't quite as sorrowful has he had been, hell, part of him wished the real Sasuke was still alive just so Naruto could help Tsunade kill him again. Rousing himself from his bed he took a quick shower, washing off the smell of the cheap dive he was drinking at, and went to the living room. He found Hinata and Karin asleep on the couch with Anko on the recliner, he pulled up the blanked on Hinata and Karin to better cover them and covered Anko with her trench coat before moving on to the kitchen.

He got to work at the stove, cooking breakfast for himself and the girls, a neutral expression never leaving his face. Sure enough, soon the smell of food roused one of the girls, the other two beginning to awake as she entered the kitchen.

He could tell who it was and that she was concerned about what he'd think. But now I have this urge to go out, find Shikamaru and shove a Rasengan up his ass. I just…I don't want Kurenai in my life anymore, I just want her to leave me alone, and I'll do the same, and Baa-chan will probably be willing to keep us off missions with each other unless it's an absolute emergency.

He reached back and pulled out a senbon. This mess is Kurenai's fault, her and that lazy ass Nara, so she'll have to deal with the consequences. I thought she'd be different than the bubblegum bitch and the whore. But, I didn't know her well, anyways. Hinata was quietly excited, and the other two noticed this. Once they finished eating, Karin excused herself to wash up and Anko said she had to leave to get to work and went out the door after a quick hug.

Hinata walked up behind her beloved and wrapped her arms around him.

are kurenai and asuma dating after divorce

I know you might need time, but know that I am here for you, no matter what, Naruto-kun. It's about time you stood up for yourself. If I stay here I might do something that'll cause trouble. I can see about joining you, if you'd like. And I have to get her to approve the idea in the first place. Naruto was alright, not happy, sure, but he was a hell of a lot better than he could have been. He wasn't mad at her for her little trick, Hinata was on her way to being back with him, she had a good breakfast, and she had a day of torture, interrogation and sadism ahead.

Yes sir, today was looking up. Anko heard the voices yell, but wanted nothing to do with its owner, so she sped up her walk. But he wouldn't do that, would he? And I thought you were a better person then that. Anko's eye twitched, "You didn't mean to fuck the lazy bastard?

There are only two reasons I haven't decided to try and make your life hell, because of the friendship we once had, and because of Akane. Naruto wouldn't forgive me if I caused something to happen to that kid.

And the way things seem, that will probably never happen, and…and really that's just too bad," Kurenai looked up and saw a somber look on the kunoichi's face, a tear in her eye, "Me and Hinata tried setting you two up because it's what you two needed. Naruto would have probably loved to one day be Akane's dad, and you seemed happy with that possibility every time they played together.

And it's hard for a single mom to find a boyfriend who doesn't mind a kid, isn't it? You threw it away…for a lazy smokestack who was actually already dating two chicks behind each of their backs, too. Naruto walked calmly through the streets. He was taking his time on getting to the tower both so he could try and think out his plans and because he knew Tsunade was a lot of things, but an early riser wasn't one of them.

Naruto was deep in thought enough that he didn't notice someone nearby until they backed into him. Naruto looked down to see a disheveled and shaking Shikamaru, the bags under his eyes showed he hadn't slept the night before, and it didn't help him to look up and see the expression of cold fury in Naruto's eyes. Shikamaru shot to his feet, he wasn't a genius for nothing, and the look in his former friends eyes was all to similar to Gaara's years before, meaning the Nara was getting ready to bolt at a second's notice.

I swear, I would never want to do that to you, you're my friend. Sasuke was a friend. Choji was a friend. You were a friend. You all decided to be bastards, and thought nice guy Naruto would be all smiles for his friends. Well you can kiss my ass, I'm through forgiving. Shikamaru struggled against the hold, thinking the blond was going to kill him, when he heard the words that made his blood run cold.

Yoshino, pan in hand, stopped and looked at Naruto, "Uzumaki-san, I'm-" "Save it," Naruto said coldly, "I'll tell you what I told Hiroko-oba-chan, unless you told him to do it or something, it isn't your place to apologize.

Shikamaru chose to be an ass it's as simple as that. You did nothing and owe me nothing, and I'm not forgiving him anyways.

Yoshino watched the blond leave quietly with a sad expression, until she felt something grab her ankle. She looked down to see the bloodied and bruised form of her son. It was always like this in the middle of a weekday at the family flower shop, everyone was too busy with work, missions or something else, so the shop's business wouldn't really pick up until early afternoon, and with a morning cashier having recently quit, that left her to be bored out of her mind for a few hours.

So he expression picked up a bit when the bell on the door rang, signaling a customer. Ino sighed, "It is when that friend got what they deserved. Do you try and subdue him? Do you alert the ANBU? No, the first thing you do is fuck him in the streets.

After everything he's done for you, for this village? And don't try anything that starts with anything like 'Because it's Sasuke'. That seemed like it was gonna be her answer, "You had someone who cared for and loved you unconditionally, and you just tossed him away.

You've been my friend for years, you were my teacher as a medic, and you really never noticed? She didn't wait long, "WHAT! I was kinda on the edge to begin with, but all that bull shit with Sasuke when we were gennin, it just pushed me off guys. I mean, I'll flirt for fun sometimes, but it's just to mess with the guys.

What I'd really is to find a nice girl, but there are so few open lesbians" She saw an apprehensive look on Sakura's face, "Don't worry, I said nice girl, and you're so not my type. And if I dated you, it might cause friction with my hopeful future baby's daddy. Naruto would be a great dad, he wouldn't use the kid against me if we got in a fight or something, and if something happened to me, he'd raise the kid right.

are kurenai and asuma dating after divorce

It's harsh, but you got what was comin' to you. And I seriously doubt you'll get any from Naruto, either, and you'd be an idiot to try. I heard Hinata is on a warpath about something, and she actually crippled her own dad, and Anko didn't look too happy last I saw her.

Either one would kick your ass if you get near Naruto, but together, and with that cute redhead, uh," the blond thought for a second, "Karin, with all three there, you might just 'disappear' altogether. There are probably more than a few idiots out there who would try to take your head for no other reason than to gain notoriety.

Dan may have died, but he died loving me and I still ran off, if I found he'd betrayed me, I probably would have never come back, no matter what you did. I don't want you doing the same. I still need to take that hat from you. I know I never say this, but I do love you. If Dan and I ever had a kid, I would hope he'd be like you," Tsunade was silent for a second before adding, "Maybe a little quieter as a kid, but otherwise like you.

A few hours later, Naruto, Anko, Hinata and Karin stood, waiting, at the gates for Tsunade to arrive and give them an official sendoff. Kakashi was away on a mission and Lee was off training with Gai. Soon, Tsunade arrived, oddly with Temari. Due to certain…difficulties, Temari cannot currently continue her duties as ambassador here in Konoha, and will need an escort to her village. I thought you might not mind. Trust me, it'll help. As she did, he noticed a in the corner of his eyes, someone else's following her, or rather, following a part of her.

He smirked before hugging Tsunade and saying goodbye. As he and his team walked away, a clone popped up behind Ino and whispered something in her ear and disappeared just as the others noticed. Once Naruto was over the horizon, the others were about to ask what he said, but before they could, Ino grabbed Tenten by her buns and pulled her into a searing kiss, effectively stopping all conversation in the group, and blanking Tenten's mind.

Once she pulled back, Ino gave the brunette a cursory look over before asking, "You wanna go out sometime? Nearby, another clone popped away.

Naruto looked back and smiled. Hinata looked back, "Is something wrong, Naruto-kun? Now what we haven't seen or maybe that's just me I didn't saw It was quickly revealed that apartment window belongs to Kurenai. Sensing this, Kurenai quickly turns to her window but by that time, Asuma and his team had already left.

She then returns to water the flowers that Asuma had given her earlier. As she waters one of the flowers, one of the petals fall off, leading Kurenai feeling uneasy. Their Newborn "King" During the time of Asuma's absence from the village, Kurenai is shown to become increasingly uneasy as she waters her plants. During his mission, Asuma is fatally wounded.

Are kurenai and asuma dating after divorce -

In his last moments he tells Shikamaru that he must protect the "kings" -- the children of the village. In the English dub, he states that there are many "kings", one of which is his own, currently in Kurenai's womb.

When Shikamaru returns from his mission, he decides that it's his duty to break the grim news to Kurenai.

are kurenai and asuma dating after divorce

When he finally confesses, a shocked and devastated Kurenai collapses to her knees. She is then shown later laying flowers at Asuma's grave during his funeral. It is later revealed sometime afterward that Kurenai successfully has her baby.

During Obito 's flashback, it is revealed that Kurenai had met Asuma during the ninja's graduation ceremony. It is revealed that Kurenai's child, Mirai Sarutobi, is a girl and already part of a team protecting the Hokage.

Mirai often prays to and talks to a photograph of her father that she and her mother have set out. She smiles and tells the photograph goodbye before she heads out on her mission. Evidence In the beginning of the series, Asuma and Kurenai are revealed to be lovers. It is revealed that Kurenai and Asuma have a child. You must miss him too. One is still in Kurenai's womb… hers and my child. Take care of my 'king'!