Benson and stabler dating sim

All Things Law And Order: Law & Order SVU “Spooked” Recap & Review

benson and stabler dating sim

Apr 1, Many a Law & Order: SVU fan has shipped Elliot Stabler (Christopher Meloni) and Olivia Benson (Mariska Hargitay). Though you could. Oct 25, Benson & Stabler Forever! Kiss Kiss. Ugh, how do we get Detective Stabler to give us a smooch? Stabler & Benson for President. In Oct 28, I would think in the line of work that Benson and Stabler do, they should .. He hands Porter the SIM card, saying this is all he had. They kiss.

Back at the morgue, Warner says there are two identifying marks on the man, the initials LZ on his arm with an image above it. Cragen tells him to send the ink and the fingerprints to the FBI as if the couple was in the country illegally, the FBI can squeeze the Mexicans for their records. Back at the morgue, Warner thinks both victims are American, based on their dental work.

CSU also found hundreds of brown fibers mixed in with the blood on the truck floor. Munch says it is too low grade, this is used for stuffing pillows and cheap plush toys. Stabler, seeing Munch is getting quickly distracted, asks if he traced the truck. Stabler and Benson are at the truck company, and a man tells them the truck went out last week and was supposed to be back last night.

When Stabler asks if their insurance company lets them rent to 18 year olds, the guy says to screw the insurance company, the kid left a nice car for collateral, and the car registration matches his license.

While Stabler gets into the car, Benson tells the guy the car will be impounded as evidence in a murder. In Queens, they are at the address where Carlos was looking for and it looks like a likely drug house. They stop a kid who is running out of the house with a boom box. He said the people there moved out last night and left the boom box, they were loading a truck.

The kid says they were there for a week, a bunch of them went in every night and they were gone by morning. Benson calls out for Stabler and he takes the boom box from the kid. Benson has found a mental trash can with what looks like burned drug preparation materials.

They head to this address, and a woman who lives there, Terri Banes Paola Mendozawho says Ramona lives there, and they tell her she was murdered. She says she barely knew Ramona, she rented her second room and was hardly ever there.

They go to check out her room, and it looks hardly lived in.

benson and stabler dating sim

They think she was a drug mule, and Benson thinks she was smuggling drugs in the breast implants. Stabler sees a brown teddy bear on the bed, and wonders if this is what was being transported in the truck. Terri bursts into the room, and says someone is trying to get in her front door. He tells her to lie down in the tub, and he and Benson go off to check it out.

Guns drawn, Benson and Stabler enter the room and see the front door knob opening, The door opens and Benson yells out for the person to drop the gun. Benson recognizes him and drops her gun, and so does Stabler. As they exit the home, Porter asks Benson what they are doing there.

She says they are trying to solve two murders and asks where is his warrant. He says the landlord let him in. He adds that the teddy bear carried half a kilo of Mexican black tar heroin, and their confidential informant said Carlos Martinez was holed up in the apartment.

Stabler tells him Martinez is dead. Carlos has 22 confirmed kills in Mexico and 4 in the US. He says Carlos is the tip of the iceberg, the cartel plucks them as young as 13 from Texas border towns and promises them cash, cars, women. Porter thinks a rival crew slit their throats, cuts out the heroin filled implants, takes the shipment and leaves them there to rot.

The rape currently in question was not the motivation and the killer staged it to look like that. While Benson watches Porter leave, Cragen tells Stabler to get on the phone with narcotics to see who is moving the black tar heroin, but when he goes to give Benson an assignment, she asks him to give her a minute, and she follows Porter. At the elevator, she comments that the elevators have been slow.

Benson says they need her to be safe and suggests she stay with someone until this blows over, and Terri agrees. One of the CSU guys finds a small short wave receiver, and Stabler sees a baseboard that has been altered, pries it off the wall, and finds a key to a safety deposit box at Commerce Bank of Manhattan. They head to the bank to get the box, and find Ramona last accessed the box two weeks ago.

Benson finds a plane ticket for Ramona, one way to Mexico City for tonight. When Stabler says they will give the bank a voucher as the owner of the box is dead, the bank representative asks if they are both dead. Stabler shows her a picture of Carlos but the woman said it was another man, he came there 2 days ago, his name was Juan Pablo.

The CSU guy found fingerprints on the box. Benson notices writing on the ticket: On the phone, Munch tells them that there is a Mexican Airways flight in from Miami this afternoon flight Cragen tells them to hustle over to Kennedy and he will have Porter meet them there. He tells them to call the airline and get the cargo manifest for flight and alert customs and asks them to allow anything suspicious to get through to baggage claim.

Stabler sees someone picks them up and radios the description to Benson. Back at the airport, Stabler acknowledges receiving the photo, and then radios that the boy and a friend are loading the packages into a red minivan and neither of them are Rojas. Porter confirms he is in position, and tells Stabler to get with Olivia. Stabler then spots Rojasand they wonder if he wants to make sure the shipment is there before he leaves town on the flight that Ramona was supposed to take.

Stabler tells Benson that he thinks Rojas made him and asks her how fast she can get up there. She pulls something out of her car and makes her way to the area where Rojas is waiting at the counter. Stabler radios that her backup is on the way.

Rojas walks to Benson, and asks her if she can help him. He whispers that his cell phone is a caliber gun, and she can either come with him or he will start shooting. She walks along with him and Stabler looks worried. He radios to the Port Authority that his partner has been made. Rojas takes Benson down an escalator and takes her gun.

She tells him there is nowhere to go. As they continue to walk, Benson tells him they are going to come, but Rojas says not while he has her.

Stabler, meanwhile, catches up with the police officer who is not dead, he was wearing a bulletproof vest. He tells them the man has a woman with him, and Stabler tell him to radio for backup.

Stabler sees Rojas and Benson and follows them into the parking lot. He catches up with them and calls out for Rojas to drop his weapon.

benson and stabler dating sim

Stabler tries to calm him down, and Rojas, seeing all the police arriving, says he wants a car and his shipment or he will kill Benson. Why would I lie to you now? He seems shocked, and we hear a shot fired and Benson and Carlos drop to the ground.

He holds Benson to him and she is justifiably shaken. He turns to see that it was Porter who fired the shot that killed Rojas. Later, Porter shows Stabler and Benson that Rojas' cell phone was in fact a gun, and it can shoot four caliber bullets through the antenna.

It fires by pressing on the keypad. Benson tells them the Rojas said he had a gun and would kill others if she did not go with him, and dos not know how she was made. She asks Porter that she thought he was following the drugs, but he says the guy in the minivan spotted them and got them at the airport exit.

When he heard the call to the Port Authority cops on the radio, he came back. The detectives have to make statements to the police, so Stabler decides to go first. Back at SVU, Porter says their informant told them Ramona and Carlos got greedy and stole the teddy from one of their loads. She and Carlos sold the heroin inside it. Rojas got to them before they could hijack the shipment they seized today. But Benson said they had the teddy bears, why would Ramona smuggle heroin inside her implants.

Porter says that these are people who build disposable submarines to smuggle drugs and they are always looking for new ways to smuggle in dope. Porter says he will forward him copies of all his reports. Cragen says neither of them are going anywhere, the chief of Ds wants their fives on his desk at 8 AM. Later, Munch comes in with coffee for Benson and Stabler, calling it the breakfast of champions. Cragen asks for an update and Stabler says they got their stories straight, but ME Warner comes in and says it is not the whole story.

She found a third DNA profile in the blood from the murder, and she says the perp was not a man, the mystery DNA was from a female and that as far as she knows Rojas was never in the truck but a second woman was.

There was also brown hair found as well. Benson begins to call Porter to keep him in the loop, and he suggests to wait until they have something and to let it play out.

They see a man at her door saying he is from satellite TV and is removing equipment from her apartment. Stabler seems suspicious, and when the landlord says he will be right there, the guy say no rush, he left something in the van.

The man keeps moving and Stabler yells that he is police and to stop, and he gets the guy and pushes him against his van. Back at SVU, the phones are being removed, and Cragen tells them to sweep every inch of the building twice.

The series numbers cannot likely be traced. The phone guy is in an interrogation room, and his name is Michael Garcia who spent 15 years with the El Paso police force, the last three in their tech support unit. Benson is in interrogation and had read Garcia his rights. He has nothing to say.

Law & Order: SVU - A Tearful Goodbye (Episode Highlight)

Porter is also there and tells him every device he planted equals five years in federal prison and he is up to three decades. Porter says the cartel routinely recruits rogue Texas cops and they must have hired the guy to bug the place. Cragen wonders how Terri Banes connects to all of this, and Porter says when he finds out, he will call them, he assumes she is part of the cartel, which makes her his problem now. But Stabler says in his books, Terri Banes is a suspect in a double homicide.

Porter and Stabler argue about to whom the case belongs, and Stabler gets pissy. He wants to cut us out until he can get to Terri before we do. When he asks whose side she is on, she says she means to pull over, and points out that Terri is on the move. He notices she never even spoke on the pay phone, and they see her wiping down the handset. She gets in a cab and they follow.

She stops at a grocery store 40 blocks north, and Benson exits the car, telling Stabler to stay in the car in case Terri comes out. She watches Terri shop. Terri stops a man and asks him if he can reach an opener for her.

He does, and he hands it to her and she puts it in the cart, but she has switched carts in the process. Benson radios Stabler and tells him it is a drop. When Benson calls out to Terri, she pushes her cart toward Benson and runs. Benson radios to Stabler that Terri is going out the back, and he tells her to grab the guy with the bag and he will get Terri. Benson catches up the guy who says in Spanish that he does not speak English, but Benson answers him back in Spanish, asking him if the bag is his.

While she arrests him for murder, Stabler enters and says he lost Terri. She tells him to look in the bag, she bets the guy knows where she is going. While Benson continues to read the man his rights in Spanish as they exit the store, we see Agent Porter sitting in a car, watching.

Back in interrogation, Benson questions the man in Spanish. He says he does not need a lawyer. She tells him the implant he had was cut out of a woman who was murdered. He feigns ignorance, and she reminds him it was in his shopping cart. He insists his cart was taken by the woman. Olivia is clueless and trying to be the best buddy possible.

Finn is trying to help and keep his new girl a secret. Gillian has a crush on Finn. Trevor has a thing for Gillian. Fiction M - English - Romance - O. This story is solely for fun, practice, and hopefully someone's entertainment.

I'm Still Not Over... Benson and Stabler never getting together

I only own this story and any characters I create. What you need to know: Elliot's divorce was finalized two months ago and Olivia has been earnest in her quest to be the best partner and friend she can be to Elliot.

Elliot has different plans though. Huang has a thing for Trevor and Munch is greatly amused by his colleague's ineptitudes in romance. It had a rough week in the One case involving a rather brutal rape of a child had ran for seventy-two hours straight. Needless to say by Friday everybody was edgy. Olivia sat at her desk her head bent over her D-5 her brown locks spilling from the precarious knot she had piled them into in frustration.

She looked up at the rather large sigh that came from diagonal to her. This should be good. I repeat nothing to tell so don't start one of your crazy conspiracy theories around my love life. Elliot grinned back at Olivia and pushed his chair back from the desk. She is someone I have plans with.

That depends on your definition of seeing.

Why Didn't Elliot Stabler Ever Get Together with Olivia Benson on Law & Order: SVU?

You are longest singleton here. I really needed that reminder. How long have you and Stabler been seeing each other? Munch was now grinning like a Cheshire cat again. I didn't quite catch that Elliot. Elliot glared at Munch. Finn rolled his eyes. You can continue to debate the merits of this topic and I might let you know tomorrow. Finn grabbed his coat from the back of chair and with a wave he was gone.

Munch focused on his two colleagues left.

I'm Still Not Over Benson and Stabler never getting together |

Olivia's head had dropped back to her paperwork and Elliot had resumed his ogling of his partner. Munch laughed at the look of Elliot face. He was completely totally enamored.

Munch did not know when exactly the change had occurred but it had. Olivia looked up from her now completed paperwork and met her partner's eyes.